Christina Aguilera Leaving Medical Building In Beverly Hills

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  2. I love Christina!
  3. I have a deep respect for her keeping her pregnancy private..
  4. Love her hair pulled up like that! She's so cute.
  5. She looks good!
  6. she looks good.
  7. I agree! she looks fantastic. Does anyone know who makes that scarf she has wrapped around her bag?? I am loving it!!
  8. She looks amazing! She's definitely my favorite in Hollywood. And boy has her pregnancy sure make her pop out of that shirt.
  9. She looks great. Love her bag and shoes. Although I think her shirt is a little bit too small - her boobs are huge!
  10. SHe's totally cute. Love how she tries to cover up her bump with those papers. Little does she know we've already seen her bump exposed by her tight outfits in a million paparazzi photos!
  11. Love Christina! :tup:
  12. HOT Mama! I loooove her outfit...too cute
  13. She's looks so beautiful.
  14. She looks so cute as pregnant!
  15. wowww!!she is a hot mom :smile: