Christina Aguilera "Hurt"

  1. This is one amazing song! It is filled with emotions and IMO her voice sounds excellent.
    This is silly but, Ever time I listen to this song, It always brings tears to my eyes.:flowers:

    What do you think of this song?;)

    Video from youtube:YouTube - Christina Aguilera - Hurt MTV VMA's
  2. WOW,
    I love it, I LOVE her voice. Now I have to buy her CD.
    Thank you for posting that!
  3. i love herrr i love her songs and i love her new cd!
  4. love, love, love, love, LOVE this song and her CD!!

    amazing vocal range, although she does over-sing a tad bit sometimes..but i think that's just her style. love it!
  5. shes amazing- such talent
  6. She looks so "marilyn" with that hair and those lips!