Christina Aguilera Doesn't Like The Party Scene

  1. Hard working mommy-to-be Christina Aguilera was all dressed up in a Moulin Rouge style theme for a photo shoot in Hollywood. Even when she’s pregnant this girl never stops.
    After her photo shoot she met up with her hubby for some lunch at Magnolia restaurant.
    In more Christina news, when asked what she thought about the Hollywood party scene she replied, "We still go out but I'm not into the whole Hollywood party scene.
    "I know I could have gone down that route and I'm so grateful I never did. We have this new thing about staying in and being cozy. Just the two of us hanging out at home, snuggling up on the sofas."
    Isn’t it interesting how she was the “bad” girl growing up and Britney had the “good” girl image and look at the both of them now. Christina has come a long way since her "Dirty" days.

  2. Christina has her head together....unlike her other celeb peers!!
  3. I love Christina she seems like the woman that wants to stay with her husband more, but go out with her friends to lunch or dinner.
  4. She wasen't all crazy and partying when she did dirty either, she's never been like that regardless of her image. People are jus stupid confusing image/entertainment with private life sometimes. She's a professional and she's been a professional since she was a kid.
  5. Yes I agree that image was for her album, that was not her private life.
  6. Agreed, I think Christina's awesome.
  7. I'm sure it all stems from the fact that at the beginning of her career, Britney had to pretend to be someone she wasn't (i.e. the whole virgin until marriage thing even though she lived with Justin at one point) whereas Christina was brave enough to be who she wanted to be with regards to her image etc. And I now believe that Britney is now acting out due to being confined for so long. And it probably doesn't help that Britney has decided to associate herself with "yes people".
  8. Good for her!
  9. Christina is also a workaholic and a true artist who is dedicated to her craft. She deserves all the accolades she's received.
  10. Honestly, whatever makes her happy, but I am glad she just likes to be comfortable in her skin and hang out.
  11. Thank God Christina didn't go down the Britney path. She has a real talent and thank goodness it wasn't wasted on too much partying and reckless I sounded like my mom just then...scary!
  12. It's interesting that they mentioned this because I was sure that Christina was going to be the one that would be "in her head" so to speak and look! oh well I'm glad she has a good head on her shoulders..
  13. She really seems grounded. Unlike other pop stars, she can actually SING and she protects that special voice by not killing her body with drugs, alcohol, continuous late nights out, etc. Like someone else said, she is a professional. I respect and admire her.

  14. true that! :tup:
  15. Smart girl!!! :yes: