Christina Aguilera collapses on stage

  1. Christina Aguilera was ordered to cancel two of her world tour dates after
    collapsing backstage.

    The ‘Dirrty’ singer, who is reported to be four months pregnant, suffered
    breathing difficulties during a performance in Melbourne, Australia, last
    Friday (07.27.07).

    Although she managed to finish the concert, the star was forced to miss some
    songs and her encore.

    Doctors were called to the venue and after treating Christina they ordered
    her to cancel her two remaining Melbourne dates and confined her to bed

    Christina - who has yet to confirm the pregnancy herself - apologized to her
    fans, saying she was suffering from flu.

    She said: “I want to personally apologize to all of my fans.

    “I am truly disappointed that I won’t be able to share my show with you

    The ‘Beautiful’ singer is set to fly to New Zealand tomorrow (07.31.07) to
    finish the last two dates of the ‘Back To Basics’ tour.

    However, friends are concerned she is over-doing it and want her to slow

    One said: “She is a perfectionist and hates letting people down. But we’re
    hoping she will cancel the last two dates and return to Los Angeles to put
    her feet up.”

    Earlier this month, Christina’s estranged father, Fausto, confirmed his
    daughter was expecting her first child with husband Jordan Bratman.

    He said: “I’m so excited. I want Christina to achieve all her goals. I wish
    her all the happiness in the world.”
  2. Oh please - she hasn't confirmed the pregnancy yet? What's up with that??? :confused1: Hmmm.....
    I think she should slow down. :sweatdrop:
    I think the baby is more important.....
  3. flu, more like morning sickness.
  4. i hope she's ok.. i really like her...
  5. Oh no! I love Christina, and she is a perfectionist. I went to her show and she put on a KILLER one! I hope she does take it easier, her health and of her "rumored" baby's health is very important.

    PS - when did her father come around? Sure, he wishes her well now...
  6. when I was pregnant I suffered from very low BP and fainted twice - so if she is preggers it could well be the reason. usually just tells you that you should take it easy. hope she is alright.
  7. Can a Mod please close the thread. There is already a thread on this:smile:
  8. I hope she is OK!!!!!!
  9. oh no, hope she is okay!
  10. I hope she's okay too, she needs to realize that she can't be overdoing herself like having a concert while she's pregnant... I could only assume that women with desk jobs that are pregnant have a hard enough time as it is!
  11. That sucks. She's such a talented singer. I hope she recovers soon!
  12. In my newspaper this a.m., it said she had the flu and several people in her entourage also caught it as well. Boo...:tdown: