Christina Aguilera attends Mark Ronson concert

  1. Someone's belly has popped! Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, was photographed on her way into the Mark Ronson concert last evening at El Rey -- she is due in January.
    02.jpg 01.jpg
  2. I looovvvveee her! She looks so cute but that make-up has to go :nogood:
  3. ^^^ Yup, that make-up looks horrible. When the baby's born she has to change it or the poor little thing might get scared ;)
  4. Why won't she just say she is pregnant? I don't get it!!

    Oh well, she still looks amazing and I wish her and her husband nothing but the best!
  5. ^^^^ I think it's kinda obvious she's pregnant, so she doesn't really have to announce it. I'm sure sooner or later we'll have a cover photoshoot of her with her belly and a tell-all interview.
  6. hopefully...I can't help but think her baby might be the next Suri Cruise, not making an apperance for like 4 months!!
  7. She looks great with her cute bump
  8. Wow! What a bump! So happy for her!
  9. She's so lovely!
  10. Awww...she's such a cute and stylish mama. I love her lipstick, but the eye makeup is too heavy. I love how she's always looking perfect no matter what. Like Gwen Stefani.
  11. Cute outfit! Just needs to tone down the makeup. I love her hair all flowy and natural like that.

    It's refreshing how she hasn't made an official announcement about her pregnancy. She's living her life like a regular woman and doesn't feel like she owes the world an announcement. Smart cookie, and a class act.
  12. Did she get lip injections??
  13. :yucky::yucky: I dislike her very much
  14. They do look unnaturally huge!!

    Please tone down the makeup Christina!!
  15. ^^^
    her lips do look huge in these pics!

    i love it how she's so groomed all the time, i hope i look this good whenever i get pregnant!