Christina Aguilera-Ain't No Other

  1. Have you heard her new song? What do you think?

    That girl has one set of pipes and can really blow. I like it myself.
  2. The girl can SING!! Always cracked me up how she and Britney were being compared...vocally Brit doesn't hold a candle to her.
  3. She is a tremendous talent seems really happy with married life too!
  4. I would like to see her without the red lipstick for a change!
  5. I agree, Britney who? Coldplay, your not the only one waiting for her to retire that red lipstick.
  6. I saw her perform it on the MTV Movie Awards...I really like it!! She has an amazing voice!! :heart: her!!
  7. i agree she got great voice, but i really do think she needs to fix her attitude and style... at first, i liked her more that britney, but then britney is just so sweet and christina is always trying to compete and bet her. she's just trying too hard u know. if she just slowed down, things will be better for her i think
  8. I LOVE CHRISTINA! I can't wait until the album comes out! If anyone knows when the release date is, please let me know. More than anything I love her voice; it's just so strong and powerful. She puts the talentless teeny boppers to shame (and they really should be ashamed of themselves for lip synching and depending on a studio to create a "sound" for them). Anyhow, the song is hot and I love her.
  9. I find her ultra-trashy, and while I'll admit she has a good voice, I don't think she uses it well. I mean, you don't need to belt out EVERY line of the song. Take some tips from Whitney and Mariah and save the power pipes for one, maybe two big moments per song. Otherwise, it's overkill.
  10. I wish I could sing like her, she has a great voice! However I agree with manolo. Its not good to go all out on every note.
  11. LOVE HER. love. i truely think she's the only pop star that came out at that time with any sticking power. cannot WAIT for her new album. :smile:
  12. I think Christina belts out her songs one after another because she knows people love that...she gives them what they want, but I agree...she can sing and she sings amazingly in some of her ballads as well. Hopefully, she is done trying to find herself and we will see the real Christina soon. (Less the red lipstick? Heehee)
  13. I think she has an amazing voice, i'm looking forward to the new alblum.
  14. She certainly has become more classy over the years. I used to think she was so trashy, while Britney was ethereal and clean. Now its the other way around.
  15. It's stuck in my head, but I'm not a big fan of the song right now.