christina aguilara

  1. so i was paging though the cosmogirl here at work (i work at a salon, i was bored haha) and i saw a picture of christina aguilara (carrying a red city) in there and it shows how readers can get her outfit. at first i was like ooh look it's the shoes im wearing, then i looked at the bag they offer for the b-bag and it shows you where to get a knockoff and even gives you a code for 20% off the knockoff? now doesnt that just not sound right??!?!?!?!!?
  2. Gosh that's not right. Promoting fakes!
  3. well, it's cosmogirl. i don't agree with it at all, but most likely the readership is a younger audience?
  4. yeah it definitely is, but they should have offered just a red bag, not a knockoff one ya know?
  5. I was about to say the same. Are you sure the website didn't sell "balenciaga-like" items? There are so many "motorcycle" bags out there that have the studed-buckle look, but extra details to make it not so much of a copy. It's a teen mag anyway.
  6. Christina carries the purse i think....

    but yeah.. mags in Aust do that tooo....
  7. The knockoffs are everywhere, it seems normal to promote them these days! Even Mary-kate and Ashley had a knockoff Bbag in their clothingline, I believe?:rolleyes:
  8. that just totally makes me sick. the same goes for the tammy lyn bags.