Christies Online Auction March 18-27

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  1. Hello all!

    I just want to make sure that you dont miss the Christie's auction that is ongoing at the moment. There is a nice selection of Hermes. We featured this on the PurseBlog today.

    I know this is not particularly the bargain hunters dream, but we did not want you to miss it, just the same. Sometimes there are deals to be had, and of course if you are searching for something in particular, never know!

    If anything, there is certainly plenty of eye candy to behold!

    You can see the Birkins and Kellys here.

    P.S. I think this may be olive barenia....
  2. great selection, but i would suggest they hire someone who knows more about the leather and color of the items (anyone of us could do a much better job!), it's really difficult to see the color on the computer screen. Just like the OP says Khaki?? Olive Barenia will be a HUGE difference!
  3. I agree, not enough detail for a famous auction house, even without much H experience. I bet those prices will be astonishing at the end too.
  4. I have worked with them and I didn't find them to have any specialised knowledge of Hermes and nor do they care or willing to gain that knowledge. They are far too big and famous for that. The descriptions are often sparse and inaccurate, don't describe the colours using the correct name, often no detailed description of the conditions. And they don't really have a reliable procedure to verify the authenticity of the items either. However I do think the buyer premium of 25% is NOT particularly high given a lot of the auction houses are charging 30% or more.
  5. And their after sale delivery will be reliable too.
  6. Christie's will arrange that for buyers.

  7. I do think 25% is high, whether or not it's the new normal (Sotheby's the same, Bonhams and Skinner are less). Like all financial decisions it's about tolerance level. I felt it worth mentioning in case prospective buyers don't have experience with the premium.
  8. Christie has 25% buyer's premium for a very long time for this category. So does Heritage Auctions. It goes down if the hammer price goes up to a certain amount. It is pretty standard percentage. It's worth mentioning to the new bidders but it's not high by any standards.
  9. It's high historically and for me personally, so those are standards. Let's agree to differ on this.
  10. Indeed. Anyone is free to buy from other auction houses if they can find them charging less than 25%.
  11. I've only ever purchased from Christie's and Sotheby's and they were both 25% premium. I did have the good fortune to go to the Elizabeth Taylor auction a few years back and was able to peruse the condition of the handbags a bit better which helped my decision making in what to bid for. I won the auction on an Hermes bag which was $10,000, plus $2,500 buyers premium, plus sales tax.
  12. I buy art at auction regularly and premiums range from 10% to 30% with the big classic houses tending to start at 25% and go down as prices go up. I do think it's well worth noting as a) not all tPFers may be familiar with the premium and b) it's a psychological game to make you think you are paying less than you are.
    Back on the actual topic, there are some very pretty bags here, particularly the HACs and the travel Drag.