christie's auction croc results???

  1. I searched hi and lo and cannot find the christie's thread, sorry ahead of time for posting this.

    did any tPFers score their croc kellies? i am dying to know!:graucho: and what they went for of course.
  2. Ooh I'm dying to know too!
  3. thanks pazt! i was so waiting for it then i missed it. darn it!
  4. no luck, can't see a darned thing.
  5. Results of auction first croc

    View absentee bid form [​IMG] FROM CITY CHIC TO ALPINE RETREAT
    Sale 7525

    12 Sep 2007
    London, King Street

    View order [​IMG] (0 Items)

    Christie's Live™ online bidding for this sale is currently closed [​IMG]
    Lot 0279

    HERMÈS, 2001
    gilt metal hardware, with strap and padlock, Crocodylus porosus
    Blindstamp D

    Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000


    5625£ Plus buyers premium

    ho hum
  6. Yikes

    HERMÈS, 1998
    gilt metal hardware, with strap and padlock, Crocodylus porosus
    Blindstamp A

    277 19,700 SOLD FOR! + buyers premium

    dam , HC Keep buying croc girl better investment than gold

  7. i was logged in for internet bidding, and it was INSANE!!!!

    the numbers below are GB pounds, so roughly double for US$ -- and then add a 25% buyers premium AND 17.5% VAT for EU buyers:

    the minis:
    5,000 -- one of the ivories (i forgot to write down the price on the other)
    8,000 -- havanne;
    4,000 -- cognac;
    6,500 -- bleu roi;
    6,000 -- bleu saphir;
    7,500 -- vert anis;
    6,500 -- forest green;
    8,500 -- rouge h;
    8,000 -- braise

    the 35 cm's:
    14,000 -- cognac;
    13,000 -- forest green;
    14,000 -- poudre gray;
    13,000 -- taupe;
    13,500 -- sable;
    22,000 -- bicolor;
    18,000 -- havanne;
    15,000 -- fuchsia;
    23,000 -- bleu roi;
    23,000 -- vert chartreuse;
    26,000 -- rouge h;
    16,000 -- braise;
    16,000 -- bleu saphir;

    7,000 -- mcpherson
    4,500 -- bolide
    4,200 -- clutch
  8. I was *very* curious myself, HC, so I found the links last night and was going to make a chart (way TOO interested!) but haven't had time, so here are the links.

    (I believe) this link shows the last three numbers of the auctioned item, for example, the A BLEU SAPHIR CROCODILE MINI KELLY BAG HERMÈS, 2001 is lot 0259:

    so I think this second link shows the BRITISH STERLING amount of the item sold (with the zero dropped on the item number), so #259 is 0259. It shows that bag sold for £7,500. :wtf: (these prices include fees, etc)

    And darn - the pics are gone. They were there last night.

    The braise 35 went for £19,700
    The rouge h 35 went for £31,700

    The Hermes collector's items were #253-325.

    I may be wrong in how I'm reading this link....I'm just guessing cuz I want to know the answers!! Please chime in if I've got this wrong - thanks.

    This is at the top of the pages:

    From City Chic to Alpine Retreat, Holland Park and St.Moritz
    London King Street
    8 King Street
    St. James's, London SW1Y 6QT
    Telephone: (020) 7389 2658

    12 September 2007
    Sale No: 7525
    Total sold: £2,208,612 (my emphasis)

    I hope someone posts that they bought something!! :yes:
  9. katel, i was on live and the prices i wrote down were the hammer prices as stated by the auctioneer -- so the figures will be lower because they don't include the 25% premium (i gave up on unnecessary math the moment my high school diploma was in my hot little hands).

  10. Wow, DQ, **extremely** wild to view the bidding - good for you - I bet prices were shooting through the roof at the end...

    And, totally LOL about the "unnecessary math" too....that's why I found the chart!
  11. London is totally awash with
    The filthy rich right now, its a tax haven for russian billionaires
    Very rich arabs etc etc some are my customers

    And nothing would stop them bidding if they wanted something, this amount is pocket change to so many of them.

    Good for the lady who sold the items though, and proof that Hermes is a good investment for all of us with whatever budget

    ( Well thats my excuse to go order my Croc Kelly he he he :graucho::graucho: poor Miss Bubbly has to be replaced )
  12. Hi
    Saw a snippet in the Daily telegraph today, cant find it online so will retype..

    Handbag chic comes at £31,000
    A red crocodile skin handbag fetched a record £31,200 - three times the asking price-in a sale of the contents od the homes of an international art entrepreneur at Christies in London yesterday.

    The 14 in classic Hermes Kelly bag with gilt fittings, a symbol of international chic, made almost three times the 10000-12,000 estimate. Its owner was Louise Macbain who was disposing of the contents of her recently sold £16m 10 bedroom house in Holland Park, west London and her ski chalet in St Moritz.
    Mrs Macbain is a 40 something Canadian divorcee who numbers Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger among her friends.

    GILT fittings!!!!!!???
  13. Christies said they were "overrun" with bidders and requests for info and telephone bidding.