Christie Brinkley

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  1. She may have been double the age of most of the models attending the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50 Years Of Swim in New York City on Tuesday night but Christie Brinkley more than gave them a run for their money.

    The 60-year-old gave a lesson in how to wear a little black dress, while looking sophisticated yet sexy amongst all the other skimpy outfits at the party.

    And unsurprisingly her leggy and energetic arrival at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Beach House turned heads.

    Christie, who first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit some 35 years ago, credits a vegan diet and 'special facials' from her dematologist for keeping her young-looking, as she recently told People.

    And while many women her age would be very reluctant to slip into swimwear she decided to celebrate the big 60 by posing in a swimsuit for People magazine.

    Discussing the aging process and her feelings towards stripping off , she said: 'At this age I do whatever I feel like. I'm actually excited about turning 60, I feel on top of my game.'

    She continued: 'My kids would be so embarrassed!'

    'In private I may wear a bikini, but at the public beach with my kids I would change bathing suits because they do not want to be hanging out with some old broad in a bikini.'

    Christie’s incredible look came just a day after she attended the Barbie Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit party.

    Again she wowed where a far more daring ensemble – a plunging orange dress that clung to her svelte yet voluptuous figure.
    article-2562838-1BA14AD800000578-609_634x901.jpg article-2562838-1BA14C3800000578-614_634x696.jpg article-2562838-1B9FDCB800000578-140_634x897.jpg article-2562838-1B9F87E500000578-763_634x843.jpg article-2562838-1B989AF700000578-866_634x975.jpg article-2561777-1B97E39E00000578-768_634x889.jpg article-2561777-1B97E3AE00000578-266_634x853.jpg
  2. Zimbio

    Model Christie Brinkley attends NBC and Time Inc. celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at Dolby Theatre on January 14, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
    Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Arrives+v3A9LjlFa1Px.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Arrives+7oY1zSudi7jx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Arrives+Q6C9eeA84Ipx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+tJk0Lpd9KSKx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+OB0Ob4VXM-Sx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+xEu0ZU27nlVx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+G1UhyOJ0BCIx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+CLaxgbjBeJSx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+qEtA_Le7DSzx.jpg
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  3. Zimbio

    New York City. (November 2013)
    Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Keeps+6xnOFBW3-LCx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Keeps+153UNiZCoKyx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Smiles+Maua72Tff3lx.jpg Christie+Brinkley+Christie+Brinkley+Smiles+OXfEQlhIM7Nx.jpg
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  4. Stunning again. Her face settled in so beautifully. I'd love to know who her plastic surgeons and dermatologists are, not that I could afford them.
  5. She should've been on their cover! It would've been marketing genius, and the mags sales would have double.
    She's incredible looking!
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  6. Great genetics and great surgeon, good for her!
  7. Her body is from great genetics, I agree… she was on the cover on so many magazines in her skimpy bikini and that was before implants… which she didn't need to be a bikini cover girl. She never did runway… she was a California beach beauty.

    But don't you think her surgeon gets most of the credit for her stunningly beautiful face?
  8. Her body is from not eating whatever I'm eating :lol: She definitely is watching what she eats like a hawk. And her skin is nice so we know she's tsaaking good care of herself, and yes, her "work" is fantastic!!
    She looks great, but she's really saturating us lately. . . what's the hustle about?
  9. Gorgeous - love that first look with the black hose. She has had surgery but it's working for her!
  10. Also love the way she poses on the red carpet - hilarious!
  11. I agree, hilarious, lol! Silly really. . . I feel like she's going to quickly go from classy to thirsty.
  12. haha - I think she does it all with tongue firmly in cheek - she's been there done that, and is just having fun with it now.
  13. Yup.

    Umm, I thought there was already a thread on her.
  14. hmmm, maybe! It comes off as cheesy to me, but maybe you're right! :smile:
  15. She's stunning and she knows it. She's definitely feeling herself on that red carpet. Lol