Christian Loubutain Wedding Shoes--do they really exsist?

  1. I've heard that these shoes from CL have a blue sole instead of a typical red sole---does anyone have pics or know where I can find them?
  2. I have seen a few pairs of those in person at the boutiques and also in an issue of Vogue last year. AFAIK they only do those special-orders for VIP's nowadays and charge a 20% (or something around there) surcharge on top of the original retail price....and it takes 6 months (and sometimes they may even have to cancel the order due to lack of materials, etc.). It used to be that this "special/custom-order" option was available to anyone, but from what I heard this is no longer the case -- basically you have to shop with the boutiques for some time and get to know the SA's (and spend a certain amount of money) before they consider you a VIP. I've heard that when people just call the boutiques for a "special-order," the SA's just reply no it's no longer available.....but if you've gotten to know the SA's after buying a lot from them, they'll tell you it's possible (just have to be patient and pay the 20% additional fee).
  3. CL's for a wedding... I hate to sound like Paris... but "that's hot" and i mean HOT!!!! and they'll go from the ceremony to the reception to the bedroom.... whew!
  4. there was a thread about it here too
    the Fashion Spot

    you can click on the magazine picture and get a picture of the shoes with a blue heel :smile:
  5. It sounds like they were professionally painted after she purchased them tho :sad:

    could be the way to go :smile:
  6. Yes, they exist. And foxycleopatra is right. It is possible to do a special order over time :yes:
  7. o really? thats a shame---either I have to start racking up points/$$$ at CL (which we don't even have a local store---only at Neiman's or Saks) or I have to think of other alternatives! Thanks everyone for helping...