Christian Louboutin's version of the Baby Coco Cabas

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  1. Came across this ad for a Christian Louboutin bag- wonder if the baby coco cabas was the inspiration lol...Love Louboutin but I wouldn't buy this bag since it looks so much like a coco cabas knockoff. I assume it is patent leather....

  2. wow, it does resembles the cabas.
    i even see a lot of non-designer "creative" knock offs like this bag.
  3. I hate when real designers copy eachother. To me that bag looks too much like the original Chanel version. No originality at all.
  4. Designers "borrow" from each other all the time.
    This holds true for pretty much everything: clothing, shoes, even stuff like graphic design and artwork...
    I see a lot of similarities to the Cabas, but I actually think I may prefer Louboutin's take on this design.
    I think it's different enough to not be an exact.
  5. I wonder how much this bag is? Anybody?
  6. Haha, I'll be sticking with CL shoes! :p
  7. I'll take my Chanel Baby Cabas any day over that. I like the shape of this one, but the "Louboutin" charm just doesn't do it for me the way the CC medallion does.
  8. That is a lot "borrow" to me! haha~~
    Is that patent?
  9. I saw that ad and thought the exact same thing. I know designers "borrow" styles all the time, but that one looks almost exactly the same without the Cs. I wonder what it looks like in real life though...anyone have a pic?