Christian Louboutins for my Wedding!!

  1. I love CLs. They are comfy, beautiful and give me that extra height I love!!
    I am looking for a high heel louboutin with either a hidden or added platform and heel.
    Any suggestions??:love::sweatdrop:
  2. Do you have a dress yet?
  3. I'm waitlisted for the No Prive in silver glitter. If they don't come in by February, then I'm putting in a special order for white satin No Prive with Swarovsky Crystals on the heel. They can also do a blue sole for you if you'd like.
  4. ^ oooo! the NP with crystals on the heels sound so hot, just like the yoyo orlato. any intel on that? does it also come in other colors?
  5. I've always thought the white Mouche would be a lovely bridal shoe:


  6. ^ :yes: ITA!!
  7. i actually just had this conversation with my mom and we both think that cl's would not be good with a wedding dress, because youll see the red heel .. and i dunno.. try monolo's those are the ideal wedding shoes:tup:
  8. Congrats, Minnie!:yahoo:

    I am getting married this year as well and was absolutely certain I wanted a pair of CLs for my wedding day. During my hunt for shoes, I found that the CL boutiques had the best choices and you can also special order a shoe through them.

    I have two pairs that I am deciding between and I'll post pics of them when I get home tonight: The first pair I bought over a year ago at the Horatio boutique that are called Cabaret -- it's a nude satin t-strap maryjane with small swarofsky crystals covering the vertical bar of the t-strap. The other pair are the silver Bling Bling from this past fall/winter collection.

    One of the shoes I considered special ordering was the Fiorellino (?). Christina Aguilera wore it as her wedding shoe. It's a satin peeptoe approx. 3" slingback with a flower shaped jewel near the peeptoe.

    If you want a covered platform, the Mouche would be a great choice, or you could also consider special ordering a pair of Very Prives in whatever choice material you want
  9. ^ show us piccies please! we would LOVE to drool over them lol
  10. When I was at the CL boutique last week the SA there told me about the 'Bridal Collection' and they had a GORGEOUS pair of 3.5 inches satin peep-toes with a bow at the front. They were absolutely TDF and the great thing about white satin is you can re-dye them to a more practical color after the wedding :biggrin:
  11. I wore a pair of Badgley Mishka heels for my wedding ... I think if I had to wear heels that high for that long my feet would kill me at the end of the day. As it was, my feet were killing me by 11pm!
  12. My choices would be the Fiorello, Mouche, and lace/satin Yoyos.
  13. I think that the Mouche would be beautiful. Also, I would love to see the special order CL with the light blue soles. Anyone have any pics?
  14. Wait are you waiting for the ones similar to the pink glitter ones on the Neimans website?? If so I saw them TODAY at Saks Phoenix!! Call and ask for Ann Roundy at 602 955 8000, shes such a sweetie!!! Tell her Valerie sent you!
  15. i completely agree here as well!:tup: