Christian Louboutins Bruges

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  1. What colors are still available these days in the bruges...I remember back in the day they had one in patent red which were TDF but I havent seen those at all and I missed them plus finding it in a 35 is incredibly hard.

    i have the black patent cork bruges...but was wondering what other cool colors there are out there...with cork or with wood? I forget what the other options are...I dont like the ones with the bright shiny metal look on the platform though...
  2. hi, recently I've seen black bruges with black wood. they have them at NM. also, you can look at pictures on ebay.
  3. From what I remember:
    - Patent red with cork
    - Patent black with cork
    - Black leather with wood
    - Tan leather with wood
    - Yellow Patent (I think Hilary Duff has a pair but forgot the heel type)
  4. Looks like cork?

  5. I think Net-a-porter has them in red patent.
  6. could you link me since i couldnt find it in red patent at net a porter...would LOVE a pair in red patent though!!!

  7. I just checked and they are gone. I'm sorry, I saw them about 3 weeks possibly a month ago. I'll keep my eyes open for you.:okay:
  8. ohhh wow ok...thanks!!

    i wonder how they get the bruges since no stores even have them anymore...not even the CL boutiques or Saks or NM or Barneys...I wish they carried size 35 though...

    but yah, def let me know =)

  9. Actually the red patent w/ cork platform CL's that NAP had were the Decollete Zeppa's, not the Bruges.
  10. Don't know if you're interested but has the red patent decollete zeppas with the wood platform.
  11. I think the decollete zeppas look nicer than the Bruges.