Christian Louboutin

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm not sure if anyone has started one but I thought it would be neat to start a thread for the coveted red sole shoes. Buying CL shoes is like buying a designer handbag so why not start a thread to discuss all about it? :graucho:

    I have just recently fell in love with the shoes with red sole and would love to hear everything there is to know about it (new styles, purchases, sizing issues, etc). If you guys have any thing you want share I would love to read all about it! :P
  2. I love CL's
    My fav pair are the miss ticks
    I also got a pair of ankle length boots last week but they kinda hurt my feet (the heels only two inches) i thing i need to break them in.
    FOr x-mas i'm getting a pair of low heeled round toe leopard print ones.
  3. I love my CLs. I was just invited to an event in Chicago and he will be there!!

    Here's pics of my latest black patent pumps.

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  4. I ordered a pair from and they didn't come with the red shoe bag. I called the company and they told me that they don't provide the shoe bags with online orders. I don't think that's fair!
  5. Hmmm...I don't know about that ... I have ordered 2 pairs online (one from Saks, the other from Neimans) and rec'd red shoe bags w/both!! Unfortunately neither pair fit me - I'm guessing I need size 42 but that size is rarely available.

    I think you should call back again and say your friend got the red shoe bag. Maybe you will be luckier next time and get someone more helpful on the line...
  6. You lucky girl - please report back about what he's like. I know he has a personal relationship with Mary Kate & Ashley since they are such big fans of his... ;)

    I love, love your wedge pumps - I was coveting his wedge style mary janes, but those are the ones I couldn't find in a 42... :crybaby:The reason I went for the mary janes is because I cannot seem to ever find pumps that don't slip off of my heels, so at least the strap will keep them on me.
  7. I met him at the Bev.Hills store a couple of years ago. Its a quiet out of the way store and I was the only customer inside. I was totally starstruck. He was dressed impeccably. I was looking for a Helmut shoe and Nellie, the manager, was going to see what was in stock. He came out and she said with a heavy French accent, "I present Monsieur Louboutin".:yahoo: I told him his shoes were all absolutely beautiful and that I consider them works of art. He asked what I was looking for and I told him. He told me I had requested the wrong size due to the style of the shoe. He then gave a brief tutorial on how to order the right size as I told him I was from Chicago where there is no store.

    You my dear are in for a treat. I found him to be so personable. When I left the store I told my husband to drive off fast so I could scream and I didn't want to appear gauche.:shame:
  8. shoegal I noticed you are from IL. He will be at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue - are you close?
  9. Do I have to wear CL shoes to the event? It is a daytime event (1-4) and I think black patent pumps may be over the top. The only other CLs I have are espadrilles and sadly I can't see myself wearing those in November in Chicago either!! HELP!!
  10. I live in the U.K. and i love Christian Louboutin shoes:drool: , i am currently searching for a pair called ALFRED they are on the NET-A-PORTER site but sold out unfortunately (sorry:confused1: do not know how to get a picture of them on this posting) does anybody know where i could find these in the U.S. i would be really grateful.:yahoo:
  11. I love CL shoes!!! Here are some of mine:

    1st pic:
    - Harry in red patent
    - Virabas Brode black
    - Cataribbon

    2nd pic:
    - Miss Tick nude color
    - Miss Tick patent brique color
    - Harry in red patent

    3rd pic:
    - Decollete 868 black
    - Virabas Brode black

    4th pic:
    - Decollete 868

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  12. i only have 2 pairs of espadrilles, can't afford a leather pair, yet!

    btw, espadrilles don't come with the red shoe bags, but all the other shoes should!
  13. Beautiful CL's, I just recently discovered this brand a few months ago but I am very much looking foreward to getting my first pair...
  14. I have never tried a pair. Do they fit true to size? are they narrow?
  15. I met him when he was signing shoes at Barneys and he signed a pair for me! Here are some pics: