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  1. I'm just now coming over to the dark side of shoe obsession:devil: , and I'm thinking of getting a pair of CL's. If you could only buy one pair for now, what would you choose? I mostly wear jeans in the winter and capris in the summer. I do occasionally have to go to semi formal events for my husband's job. Not sure, though, that I could find some that could go from casual to formal.

    I like some of the ankle boots. Any other suggestions?
  2. I have just bought the lastic ankle boots, they are cut so well, that they look amazing with skirts as well as jeans :smile:

    I love the bruges, and the peep toe patents are just stunning too ;)
  3. How do the ankle boots run? If I go with those, should I go up a half or whole size?
  4. By the way, if I order something from the CL boutique, what is their return policy? I want to be sure I can exchange for a different size, or just return if they don't work out.

  5. CL boutique is exchange only and it has to be return shipped within 7 days. If you are looking for a versatile shoe, I recommend the Simple pump. It's round toe pump and comes in a 3 1/2 and 4 inch heel--looks great with everything. Welcome to the dark side :smile:
  6. Forgot to mention, the return policy I mentioned is for charge sends. I don't have an acutal boutique near me, so I have to buy them over the phone :sad:
  7. With the lastic boot, you need to go a whole size bigger. But these are super rare to find in stock now, so be prepared to call around and track them down. :smile:
  8. Thanks! Cross your fingers for me.
  9. Tammy, have even just had a look on eBay for ya! They are only going for about 30 pounds over the retail value, so you could find them there :smile: Just be sure to authenticate them on here with us first before you go ahead and bid! ;)
  10. I almost always wear a 7 in U.S. sizes. So if I want to go with an 8 for the CL's, what size would that be? I'll have to call and order anything I get.
  11. I think that a US 7 is a UK 5 which is a 38 (same size as me ;)), which would make the size 8 a UK 6 and a size 39 :smile:

    Obviously they will tell you when you call the euro equivalent, but I am pretty sure a 39 would be your size :smile:
  12. Thanks, chloe-babe. By the way, I love Jack Bauer too!
  13. he he, I wouldnt mind walking all over Jack in my new CL boots ;) :biggrin:
  14. I would buy either the Mrs. Boxe or the Decollete 868.
  15. I just bought a pair of Patent Decolletes and they are absolutely stunning! I had to go up 1/2 a size for that style because the front is extremely narrow... Good luck! Let us know what you end up with! =)
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