Christian Louboutin

  1. Silly question ladies..but does anyone know how to protect the bottom and the inside of my Christian Louboutin shoes? I just recently bought my first 2 pairs of shoes and (I know this sounds crazy) but I dont want to ruin them! Has anyone ever thought this or am I just being crazy because Ive never spent this much money on shoes...? Any help would be nice. Thanks ladies.
  2. ^Wrong section - this should be in shoes.
  3. a lot of girls (including me) use a few packs of clear foot petals per shoe. I just bought red rubber soles from eBay and i have to take them in to the cobbler and have them put on.
  4. Sorry to sound so lame, but where can I buy the foot petals? And where do I put them? Inside? Do they come off easy? What about the red do those get put on..wheres the cobbler? Im sorry for all the silly questions, but thanks for the reply!
  5. the link she just provided should help if u need any more help feel free to msg me and don't worry abt asking silly questions cuz i know how it feels when u get ur first pair of louboutins