Christian Louboutin Yoyo peep toe Pumps-How does this line run?

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  1. I need help. I was told that that the peep toe suede pumps ran 1/2 size big. So when I saw the 36 (usually wear a 35.5) on NM i was thrilled and orderd them promptly. I got them, and they were way too big.

    Normally I am a true to size 35.5 (manolo, choo, vuitton). Anyway, then 2 weeks later, I saw the plain black toe peep toe suede on BG, woo hoo! I got those last week, and yet again they were way too big!!

    Ack! Is it my crazy feet? Do Louboutins usually run true to size? What do you gals think that own Manolo, Choo?

    WHy can't I get these darn peep toes to fit?

    Also, do you think its still worth hunting them down, since they are technically last year's style?
  2. Hi Shmoo88, I don't have the Yoyo peep toes, but I have the CL Very Prive peep toes. They do indeed run a 1/2 size larger. The "peep hole" :lol: is large and the incline from the heels is so high, so your toes slide farther down than if the shoes were closed-toe.
  3. Thats so weird. All the eBay sales said they ran a 1/2 size xmall is what I meant to say. So that makes sense. Rats. I guess I won't get any, as a 35 is hard to come by.

    Do most other Louboutin lines run true to size?
  4. It really depends on the shoe, most of them are sized differently. If I am very confused about a size, i call my SA at the boutique and she sets me straight.
  5. Louboutin's typically run a 1/2 size smaller, but i have pumps, not sure with peep-toes
  6. The shoes run a little big but the boots tend to run small in my opinion. If you get shoes from eBay, always ask for the measurements of the insole since they vary so much.
  7. The prive runs small at least for me. Depending on the material some of the shoes do stretch.
  8. hi shmoo88. i also think that it depends upon how wide or narrow your feet are. i'm normally a size US 6 but i have wide feet. so with jimmy choo & manolo blahnik shoes, i'm a size 6.5/36.5. and with christian louboutin, i'm a size 7/37. i hope this helps. cheers
  9. I have noticed that the taller the heel, the more I actually need to go up with Louboutins, so I need to order between a 36.5 and a 7.5, when I'm normally a 36.5-7!
  10. My SA at NM said that different styles of CLs are sized differently, depending on the factory that made them -- they got too popular too quickly and quality control is somewhat lacking in the sizing.
  11. Everyone told me CLs were sized small too, but EVERY pair I tried on was HUGE on me in my usual Manolo/Choo size. I usually wear a Manolo 37, and the SA told me that I would need a 37.5 - they were swimming on me. In most of the current CLs I tried on, I took a 36.5 (Decoltissimo, Simple Pump, Peep toe, etc). They didn't have the Prives in my local store, so IDK what the fit is like for those.
  12. CL's sizing varies depending on the style, in my opinion. I own few pairs myself. The Miss Marple style runs 1/2 bigger, meanwhile, the Bruges style (cork) runs 1/2 smaller....weird :shrugs:
  13. When I got my lace Very Prive, they ran REALLY small. I usually wear a 6.5 and even the 7's didn't fit. For me the ball of my foot is wide and Louboutins (and Manolos) are narrow, so no more ebaying for me, have to try them on IRL. :shrugs: