Christian Louboutin Yoclou studded pumps

  1. I have them; they are amazing! Though, actually, I should say I *had* them, but the metal started peeling on the heel after one wear, so I am currently awaiting for my replacement to arrive.
    m1.jpg m3.jpg
  2. prada,I absolutely love those. You must have them. I actually fell in love with them on you,lit:love:
  3. Those are sexxxyyyyy!!! Love the heel!
  4. Gorgeous shoes!
  5. Thanks, Dee. I have to say I think the color is prettier IRL than on NAP. They also come in black with silver studs and brown with gold studs.
  6. I LOOOOOVE the "Yoclou"! What an edgy take on the "Yoyo" Louboutin classic.
  7. Wow ! Liti, you look fab U lous !!! Shame about the heel though ! Thats not suppose to happen too shoes @ that price.

    Gorgeous never the less.

    Thanks for posting.
    Damn you were quick ..Lol
  8. I adore these :heart:
  9. Did not like them till I saw the 2nd post and the pics of them on someone.....they are very cute and sexy.
  10. I LOVE those but I wouldn't want them in green. Wish they came in black.
  11. they do
  12. i agree ... they look better on. it's quite the shoe!! very sexy.
  13. I have seen them also in dark brown..