Christian Louboutin will be on Oprah 1/15

  1. CL will be featured on Oprah Tues 1/15/08. It's called the Face behind the Name. He will be one of the people on there.

    I'll be watching!! Can't wait to see what shoes they have on.
  2. nooooooo.... CLs are gonna be wiped out upon that instance! eeps. ladies, get on your gears and grab the CLs you want now!! LOL
  3. Oh my... I agree this show will be awful for all of us, but great for him! get those shoes now ladies, no hesitations!
  4. I believe that Louboutin will be on }Oprah's favorite things show which airs on Fri. Jan. 18th :yahoo:
  5. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go to the Beverly Hills boutique soon...
  6. yah i was kinda sad to find out he'll be featured there. prices on eBay are going to sky rocket after everyone watches that episode! though i'm not sure all the ladies are ready to take the plunge and spend so much on shoes...i hope not!
  7. ^ LOL, well we took the plunge so i guess they probably would, esp after being seduced by what he's going to bring to the show (he would bring his shoes right? lol there has to be something to show.. after all, he makes them!).. acks!!
  8. I hope Oprah didn't buy shoes for her audience. That's not fair!! LOL.

    Would the viewers on her show actually wear Louboutins? I hope!
  9. ^ LOL she's that generous.. so maybe she would! the poor employees of the show would be working their a*ses off just trying to get those shoes in the right sizes for everyone!
  10. I read that Mr. Louboutin is going to be on Oprah a few weeks ago and I was excited. However, his shoes are already very popular and in great demand, and sell out as is, so I'm not sure how much impact his appearance will have on shoes "selling out". You have to remember that most women do not spend $500-$1500 on a single pair of shoes and that the average Oprah viewer will think it's insane to spend that much on a pair of shoes regardless of how gorgeous they are. So many celebs wear his shoes too so that has definitely boosted CL sales in the past few years.

    *I too have a sneaking suspicion that Oprah will give a pair of shoes away for each audience member and I'm very jealous. LOL
  11. ^ :yes: me too, i'm very jealous! lol
  12. Oprah should have us in the audience - Louboutin Lovers!!! I would love to go to the show. You know that Jessica Seinfield gave Oprah 13 pairs of CL to thank her for promoting her cookbook. Like Oprah needs someone to give her free shoes!!!
  13. There is nothing low profile about Monssieur Louboutin now! Yes, Oprah has a history of taking something obscure and turning it into a household name or bestseller, but CL shoes already have a certain cache. I am not afraid of having a tougher time finding his shoes. Not everyone of her disciples will be willing to spend the amount of time and money we do in order to get them. If it does get out of hand, I'll just have to seek comfort in the shoes I already have. It does take the joy out of having something that has been somewhat under the mainstream radar.
  14. ita with all of you!
  15. LavenderIce,

    Well said, I could not agree more.