Christian Louboutin Wedges

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  1. I really want these wedges but I can't find them anywhere!! I called the Louboutin store in NYC and LA and neither of them had them in black. Has anyone here seen them anywhere? Thanks!!


    Sorry my computer wouldn't let me post the pics so I had to post the link.
  2. I can't see the picture or the link.... what is the name of the shoes?
  3. i don't see a link or a picture??

    are you talking about the miss boxe wedges?
  4. Can't see the picture.

    Barneys has tons of Louboutin wedges. Try the boston store.
  5. I've never worn Steve Madden shoes before but Steve Madden has an almost identical style called "Ntice" for much much less than the Christian Louboutin. I've been trying to find the Louboutin wedge in black leather for about a month now without any luck so I'm thinking about buying the Steve Madden. Check it out on Has anyone worn Steve Madden shoes before.
  6. I just ordered a pair of Black with wood heels from naturalgasgirl from ebay.
  7. I can't see which picture you posted, but has a few Louboutin wedges.
  8. Has anyone bought or seen in person the Steve Madden version of the Christian Louboutin wedge pump (Miss Boxe)? I'm interested to know how they really look. I'm thinking about buying it from rather than spending the considerable amount of time to find and the considerable amount of money to buy the Louboutin.
  9. I can't see the picture?
  10. bumpin' for replies.
  11. Sorry the picture didn't work. They are called miss boxe..the non mary janes.

  12. IMO, even though Steve Madden's version look exactly like Louboutin, the quality doesn't even come close to the later. Especially in high heeled shoes, your feet and back will thank you if you go with 'most' (not all) higher end/ name brand shoes. :yes: