Christian Louboutin Wedges on sale at Saks

  1. These Christian Louboutin wedges are included in the sale at Saks in Palm Beach. There is a pre-sale going on now for Saks cardholders, but they are taking orders and will charge and ship sale items when the sale officially starts this coming Wednesday, May 31.

    The colors they have are blue, green and yellow, and they're 30 percent off :cool: I ordered a pair in yellow. The SA said there aren't many sizes left, so if anyone is interested the number is 561-833-2551. The SA I spoke to is named Barri :smile:

  2. is that the only style available? how much is it after the sale? omg i think i need to get it... so bad! i just ordered the chanel pochette...
  3. how much are they??
  4. i cant decide if i want blue, green, yellow! i'm gonna call them as soon as i am off the phone!
  5. Whoops, I lied - it's 30 percent off, I just did the math :lol: After the reduction, they come out to $189 :smile:

    Ally - I had originally wanted the wedge with the lower heel, but that one wasn't on sale. It was actually sold out, and they were getting more in this weekend. Then the SA told me about these... so I'm not sure if this is the only wedge/espadrille style that's on sale. She only had a couple of pairs of the blue.
  6. Me like me like me like ALOT! Hmm... do you think they'll ship to Canada?
  7. i just called the palm beach, FL store and the SA was rude and said no louboutins on presale! i'll call a few other stores...
  8. beverly hills one has about 9 different styles on sale! the SA said they are kinda hard to describe over the phone so i'm gonna go there later tonight! i'll come back w/ results ;).
  9. What?! :mad: Damnit, I hate rude SAs! I am so sorry, Ally :sad: The girl I talked to was very nice over the phone, and took the time to look and see if they had a size 40 in any of the three colors that were on sale. For Pete's sake, you'd think they would want to make a sale :rolleyes:

    Please report what you find at Saks in BH, I hope you can find the same ones, or another great pair :smile:
  10. I love those shoes! If anybody finds any other pairs that are on sale please let us know
  11. alright, just got back from Saks! they had the above wedges except the wedge is is the same color as the top (blue w/ blue and it is a baby blue). they also had the same style in light pink and lavender. i ended up w/ the lavender one! they also had this high espadrille but it was in light green with pink lace. it was really cute but i don't know what i'd wear w/ light green so i let that one go.
  12. ^ whats the name of the wedge? anyone know? ally which saks did u go to? do u have there # by chance, the saks near me said they dont have CL on sale. weird.
  13. i went to the one in beverly hills. i'm sure you can look up the number on there are only 2 CL wedges on sale at that one and one of them is a green espadrille wedge and the other is the one pictured that is available in light blue, pink, and lavender.
  14. Hi there,
    I called New York City, the SA said that the CL wedges wil not be on sale , in fact they are sold out!!
  15. It must be select Saks. I called today, just to confirm that my shoes had been set aside and that they would be shipped out Wednesday via UPS, and confirmed the sale price with the SA. But I guess that's not too surprising. When I called a few Saks about the Chanel sale, some of them had certain items on sale, others did not.