Christian Louboutin wallet HELP!


Aug 14, 2015
Hi ladies

I'm hoping someone can help me...

I purchased a Christian Louboutin Paros Wallet in Patent Scarabe/Spikes in June 2015. I noticed in November 2015 that there was a bit of flaking. I had intended to enquire CL but time got the better me. Over the next couple of months, it got worse and an air bubble has appeared in addition to the flaking on the edges (photos to follow - I'm currently having issues uploading them :nogood:).

I finally went in to CL and queried them. After a couple of weeks of waiting, I finally got this response:

"Good Afternoon Anna,

I hope this email finds you well?

Just touching base regarding your Christian Louboutin Paros Wallet in Patent Scarabe/Spikes, which was purchased from the boutique on the 4th of June 2015, thank you for your inquiry.
Firstly let me say I'm sorry to hear your experiencing difficulty with your product and secondly, I apologize that it has taken us a while to get back to you.
I left a voice message earlier this afternoon, but I also thought to shoot through an email also regarding an assessment outcome.

Firstly, I can confirm that our manufacturers had no issue with the quality control on your item at all.
Therefore, it has been confirmed that what you are experiencing with your wallet is a typical sign of wear and tear for your highly used and loved item.
Patent scarabe is a unique (laminate like) finish on the leather, which you will not see on many other items and over time, (the scarabe specchio) shows it's sign of age exactly as per your pictures.
Unfortunately where the bubble has lifted from the specchio on this item, it cannot be repaired.

It is recommended that you continue to use and love the wallet as you have done previously."

I am unsettled with their response and want to know:

1. Do you think the peeling of the patent scarabe (laminate) should be peeling off on a $625 wallet

2. Is an air bubble really considered wear and tear

3. Would you be satisfied if you got this response and what would your response be to this email?

I do use the wallet every day but for something that costs this much, I don't believe this should be happening... Especially when they state they use "only the best materials to provide the highest degree of satisfaction to its customers".

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Has anyone experienced this on their wallet or Paros patent scarabe products?

Thank you so much for taking the time to assist my query, I sincerely appreciate it!

With much appreciation