Christian Louboutin vs Marc Jacobs - Which Would you Choose?


Marc Jacobs or Christin Louboutin?

  1. Marc Jacobs Sylvana, Teal

  2. Christian Louboutin, Electric Blue

  3. Neither, Buy 2 Less Expensive Bags!

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  1. My SA from Nordstroms called me today to let me know that a Christian Louboutin handbag that I had been eying a few weeks ago had been marked down. It' a gorgeous Electric Blue color that's made from the softest leather I've ever touched (Nappa leather). It's on sale for $849, marked down from $1450. I was all set get it, when I decided to call her back & find out which MJ bags were on sale. MJ has always been my first "love" but I haven't bought many MJs in recent years, primarily because of the large price increase. I figured, if I'm going to spend $800+ on a handbag, maybe I can find an MJ bag (on sale) that I really like.

    To my surprise, she described a quilted shoulder bag that is on sale for $709, marked down from $1195 (I didn't really think there'd be many "nice" MJ styles left, but they also had a Mustard Yellow Stam and 2 Mina bags). The SA did a little research and found out that its the Sylvana Hobo in Teal. I really like this bag - everything from the padded shoulder strap to the zip top opening. I've never really been a fan of the Stam, mainly because I don't like the kiss-lock opening and the full chain strap, but this bag has the look of the stam w/o those features.

    I'm fairly certain that I'm going to get the MJ bag, but just wanted some opinions - Do you think the MJ is the better bag to get, or should I go with the CL, which is a more unusual bag and harder to find? I also figure, you see so many quilted MJs nowadays, but a CL bag is pretty unusual.

    Here are pics of each (altho not the right colors)

    The Marc Jacobs bag I would get is TEAL:
    The Christian Louboutin bag I would get is an ELECTRIC BLUE:

  2. I like MJ more.
  3. I voted for MJ, but I only like that one by a little more- I really like the CL one a lot i know i am not much help. if i were you i would go to the store and compare each one side by side.
  4. Cl
  5. I voted for MJ.
  6. I like the Louboutin one better, but they're both nice.
  7. i would go for the silvana. it has more interesting details (the pushlock logo, quilting, chain strap) and the teal is a gorgeous color. the louboutin bag looks boring.
  8. I voted for the CL because I like the shape more. I think it's easier to wear and more versatile. I'm normally a huge MJ fan but that shape is not my favorite. It's detail overload for me.
  9. I think it depends if you are going for a more classic look or something a little edgier. I voted MJ because I think it's classy and good quality. The CL bag is nice but I feel like you can get something like that anywhere and don't have to pay $$$ for it?
  10. MJ because I think chain straps are timeless
  11. I don't care for MJ's chain but I love Christian Louboutin's shape and leather. Looks like I am the minority, for now. :smile:
  12. I like MJ
  13. I found the two colors that I'm interested in (not the same styles, however)

    This is the MJ Teal (shown on the Stam, so at least you can see how it looks as a quilted style):


    And this is the shade of blue that the Christian Louboutin bag is:


    I actually have another Marc Jacobs (the Karolina) in a similar shade of blue, which is one reason why I'm leaning towards the MJ (and I love that Teal color - I don't have anything like it!) I just love the feel of the CL - I wish I could afford them both!

    One question - do you think the Teal will go with most colors? I wear a lot of black, gray, brown and navy. Do you think its a neutral shade?
  14. Actually, the Louboutin straps are chain also, but they're wrapped w/leather
  15. Cl