Christian Louboutin to Recreate Cinderella Glass Slipper

  1. i really hope it isn't a clear shoe. because.... a clear shoe, with a foot in it, doesn't look clear! it looks like a 'foot' shoe. if that makes sense.
  2. I can't wait to see how it looks.... I always thought the Very Mix in Silver was his answer to the Cinderella shoe....
  3. Ha-ha, that makes complete sense. And I have to agree with you in this one!
  4. I can't wait to see what it look likes but I couldn't justify the purchase when I would have nowhere to wear them...:shucks:
  5. I am currently drooling about their shoes from the Cinderella collection!
  6. there are pics!!?
  7. I always thought the Strass AB Ron Rons were the perfect Cinderella shoe :smile:
  8. Maybe you're on to something! Maybe strass will be involved!

    Yes, I believe I'm excited to see this shoe now... :yes:
  9. ^^^:yes: a clear shoe would be really a foot shoe, but he's already done a strass shoe, so that can't really be the new Cinderella shoe.

    however, maybe it will be a Strass-Over-Clear shoe, a true 'glass' slipper!!!

    also, although i know it's not a popular heel - it's always drawn in the books like a curved 'Feticha' heel!
  10. Yes, but TPF doesn't allow posting them.
  11. why not?
  12. Where can I find the pictures?
  13. This is exactly what I'm hoping for -- except a clear shoe with strass AND spikes!!! :faint:
  14. It think it's because CL has a copyright on his images until he decides to release them. I am dying to see what the shoe looks like! Could someone here at least describe it? :graucho:
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    I'm sure it will be. I think the PVC he is using a lot of lately is a trial test to see how it goes over with the public. Sells speaks volumes, and I have seen A LOT of people buying the PVC styles, so....... I wouldn't be surprised. Also, if it is going to be an entirely clear or semi-clear shoe, will the soles be clear as well? wouldn't you be able to see dirt and grime from the ground? I just can't picture it, especially if crystals will be involved, but if they are, I bet it's ring-strass! LOL