Christian Louboutin Supra Fifres in Black Suede with Gold Buttons

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  1. Sooo I just saw these on Kuromi Chan's thread and fell IN LOVE!!!

    Does anyone know which stores/boutiques bought them...any recent sightings???

    I would need them in a 35 or 35.5 unless they ran SUPER SMALL but I'm a true 35 usually...


    And for the lucky girls who own these:

    -How did they run too and was it pretty adjustable throughout the leg part so you can fit it easily over jeans/leggings, etc?

    -Is it fairly comfortable for this heel height to walk around in?
  2. they run kind of small, i have a 36 and they are just right. If you have wider feet i would suggest to at least size up a half size :smile:
    the top part of the boots is kind of unforgiving so you have just try them on and see if there are muffin tops going on.. but ithink you should be fine. Jeans no.. leggings yes
    It's as comfortable as walking on super high heels.. a bit pinched but not that bad
  3. Cali - they are pretty much sold out everywhere that had them I think. and had them as well as various boutiques.

    I do wear mine over jeans. Here is a shot of me when I first tried them on at the store. I was wearing boyfriend jeans not skinny jeans which is what I actually wear with them. Good luck! They are a beautiful pair.


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  4. ^^ gosh, those are gorgeous.. a UHG for real...
  5. hi cory! :flowers: i think these are pretty much sold out, so your best bet would be to stalk ebay! but be careful, as there are a lot of (horrid) fakes out there!

    mine are 1 full size up, cause that's all they had! :P but they fit great, and i like to size up in my boots anyway. ;) i find them completely comfortable, and easy to wear over jeans! the elastic loops and buttons allow the boot shaft to mold to your legs! :yes:

    i hope you are able to find a pair, cause they are awesome!! :coolio:
  6. ooooh well i have narrow feet so i am guessing i could do anywhere from a 35-36 even which still wont help my chances of finding these LOL

    thanks for the feedback though!!!

    thanks!!! =)

    so sexy!!! LOVE LOVE :nuts:

    i knoww!!! trying to tell myself that the Gucci division OTK boots are sexy too and may just have to do hahaha

    thanks sooo much =)

    i am definitely watching eBay and will have them authenticated first unless its like a solid seller i know!!!
  7. ^^does anyone know if CL will re-release these for Fall 2010?

    been watching eBay (not sure where else to look for these *sniff*)

  8. There will be something similar. They are thigh high (much higher than those in the pics above) with the buttons being the same colour as the boots. There will be two colours, black and rust, and will be in suede.

    My SA is putting them aside in both colours for me! Retail was £1595 so I'm not sure how I'm going to justify both pairs!
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    please don't quote spam :idea:
  10. ohhh may i ask which boutique/SA you had reserve them for you?

    and will it be called supra fifre again??

    any chance you have pics too hehe thanks!!!!
  11. Ronfifi Supras are the new version...skinnier heels. Neiman's has some Pre-Fall. Here's a pair of the newer styled boots, a different material(flannel) in green or black with gold buttons.
  12. Just an FYI but they have these on Bluefly currently for 1596. Currently there's only a size 10 avail, but I've seen other sizes pop in and out from the site recently also.
  13. Boutique was Motcomb Street and I can't remember for the life of me what the SA's name was, which is really annoying as she was wonderful.

    No idea what they'll be called and unfortunately no pics. They are THIGH HIGH though, as opposed to just over the knee. They expect them in in June so it's going to be an expensive month for me!
  14. Those military green Ronfifi Supras are to-freaking-die for! I love green and gold together and I might need to put in a pre-order. Like, today.
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