Christian Louboutin Super Wallis in Dove?

  1. Hi together,

    I´m a big fan of CL pumps. What do you think about the Super Wallis in the colour Dove? Do you love or hate it?

    I would like to order one new CL but I´m not sure which one.

    What do you think about this two CL´s:

    I love that colour:

    Or the classic version:

    which one would be your favorite????

    Thanks !!

  2. I like all three shoes, but the Super Wallis and teal shoe would seem to be the most versatile. I live the stacked heel and platform of the Super Wallis. The teal is great because it can be dressed up or down, the color is divine and it is patent leather.
  3. I agree with ronsdiva i think the super wallis is very versatile and GORGEOUS!
  4. My preference would be:

    1) Lady Gres
    2) Ernesta

    Personally, I wouldn't choose the S. Wallis at all because it's just not my style. But the color would be great for fall in dove.
  5. I like the Lady Gres the best. It is an elegant take on a classic style and the color is versatile.
  6. i love the first can dress up or down with them.
  7. OOH, I love the Super Wallis in Dove--excellent choice
  8. hi together,

    now Im back from shopping. First of all... thank you so much for your feedback. I saw today in a shop a dream of green CLs. Hope you will like it. Im falling in love with it. But in GREEN :

    And I saw the last one of the CL decolettes but in NUDE !!!

    If you have to choose - would you take the

    - Super Wallis in Dove or the
    - Decolettes in Nude


  9. I like the last pair but I don't like the price at all.
  10. My favorite is the Lady Gres but if you can snag a pair of nude decolettes do it! Are they that blush/pinky nude? I would love to see them!!!
  11. Of all the options, I would pick the nude decollete, if I were you.

    I'll be totally honest:
    - I dont' like the Lady Gres style because it reminds me of an old lady turban;
    - I have some weird inexplicable aversion to the t-strap in any style;
    - Nothing in my wardrobe would match the dove grey super wallis; and
    - I'm personally not a fan of green.

    I hope that helps ... let us know what you finally pick!
  12. hi together,

    i really love the green lady gres. the color is soooo nice. It is a lady like pumps I know. But I will match it with Diane von Furstenberg dresses. Looks really good.

    I bought the decolettes today. The colour is: vernice cachemiere. Hope thats the color name??? It is really a bit nude/rose. Hope I can make picutres of it.

    This month I bought 3 Louboutins. Thats enough for the next 3 months ;)))

    These are also my new babys:
  13. Congratulations and enjoy! They will go with just about everything.

    Oh and please, please post pictures. I am dying to see them!
  14. I LOVE those Lady Gres!

    The Decolettes would be my choice from the other two.