Christian Louboutin sub-forum in the Glass Slippers forum

  1. Dear Megs and Vlad,

    I am writing on behalf of all Christian Louboutin (CL) addicts. I know this is a Purse forum but we are only asking to have a Christian Louboutin sub-forum within the Glass Slipper forum - Since the latter is littered with Christian louboutin questions, ranging from sizes (since CL sizes are extremely inconsistent), availablity, and just general chit chat about each others CLs.

    I am sure fellow members that mingle in the Glass Slipper forum will be happy to see all Christian Louboutin Threads neatly tucked in a small sub-forum where we can share each others opinions, thoughts, and of course our addiction to these stunning creations.

    Moreover, it will give other shoe lovers the chance to discuss their manolos, lanvin and other shoe brands without being bombarded with CL threads everywhere!!!

    Please can we have just a CL sub-forum within the Glass slipper Forum just like the designer forums have reference libraries, clubhouses, shoppings, etc - but instead of libraries and shopping folders, We just want a Christian Louboutin sub-sub-forum!

    Thank you!

    From All Christian Louboutin girlies!

    PS. I have already started a thread about this topic in the Glass Slipper sub forum:
  2. :tup::woohoo::choochoo::dothewave:
  3. I think is a FABULOUS idea!!!

    Pppppllllleeeeaaaasssseee Megs & Vlad!!!!!!!!!:woohoo::wlae::yahoo::tup:
  4. Yes, please?
  5. That's a really good idea!! It would also be easier when looking for reference!
  6. Pretty please.......I think it's a fantastic idea!!!
  7. would love to have CL forum please :sos: :drool::drool:
  8. Count me in! I think it's a great idea :tup:
  9. Deffinitely think it's necessary....please...:idea::woohoo::love::flowers::choochoo::party::tpfrox:
  10. Another vote in favor!
  11. I will look over it and ask Vlad!
  12. YeeY!! Thank you very very much!
  13. One more vote from me! I would guess that 75% of the threads in the Glass Slipper are CL related, so a sub-forum would be a nice way to manage all the threads.

    Pretty please...
  14. It seems like a very good idea!!!
  15. Awesome idea!!!