Christian Louboutin Spring '08

  1. At yesterday's Christian Louboutin personal appearance in San Francisco's NM, there were several styles from Collection 1 on display. They were unavailable for purchase, but the SAs were taking customer info for orders. I noticed a lot of sandals, some in lower heel heights and quite a few variations of the Numero Prive. One was a black kidskin leather with not a slingback, but a wrap around anklestrap. There were quite a few with cork platforms/heels with linen or raffia uppers. One was even very stripper shoe like called the Katenita. I say that because it had two visible platforms. There was also one that was sort of like the bling-bling as it had the hardware across the toe.

    My favorite was the Very Neoud (sp?) in black satin. It is similar to two previous CL styles--the satin Numero Prive and the other satin shoe with a bow. (Forgot the name.)I have included a picture here. I wish I was better at the description of the shoes. I know there are some people looking for the numero prive and I just wanted to give people a heads up that there are versions of it to come for spring. One thing to note: Prices are going up. The Very Neoud was listed as $800 and the Katenita $830.
  2. Oh did you give him a hug from me. LOL
  3. Many thanks for the info.
  4. that shoe looks nice! is it comfy? is there a bow in the front? wish i could have been there. was at the PA NM instead..
  5. thank for the info. ur so lucky that u went. did u take pics with him???? love the shoe in the pic it is soooooooo hot
  6. those shoes look really cute! thanks for the info
  7. Thanks for the info Lavender! Did you get your shoes signed, did you pick anything up?
    I like the shoes that you are modeling...but they are very reminiscent of Bruno Frisoni shoes.
  8. I did take pics with him. There was a professional photographer taking pics of everyone. I haven't check them out yet. The picture of the shoe doesn't do it justice. Looks prettier in person.

    I can see how you can say they are BF-esque. That BF ribbon shoe seemed as if it had a bigger bow than this one. This is more stiff and hit just one side. The bow on the BF seemed softer. I put myself on the list for this shoe, but with it's $800 pricetag I am not so sure I really want it since the satin version of the numero prive and very prive this year was only about what, $610?
  9. oh wow a professional photograper now that is high-fi make sure u post when u check em out:smile:
  10. They might be candids. I don't remember looking directly into a camera. I went to their website and pictures from our event is not up yet.
  11. LavenderIce - He told my mom and me that they'd be up during the week sometime.
  12. Yeah, when he gave me the card he told me it would be a few days. Thought I would check anyway.
  13. wow that is cool u two are soooooo lucky it's my dream to meet him
  14. OMG. Numero Prive ... I'm saying my prayers for nude patent and the ayers python ... please oh please oh please oh please!!!
  15. That would be nice. In his heavily accented, though fluent English he said we'd see more beige looking nudes. I told him how much the pink toned nude was much admired by lots of us. He said he touched that we appreciate them so much.