Christian Louboutin sizing...

  1. I haven't bought a pair of Louboutin's yet, but I'm thinking of buying a pair and I need help with the sizing. I will be buying them from the Internet, so I won't have the option of trying any shoes on. How do the platform leopard print CL's run in size??? My shoe size is a size 6, but I can be a size 6.5, especially if the pair of shoes is too small?? I'm not sure. I was thinking of going with the 6.5 so I could still fit into the CL's in a few more years. Please help with the sizing.
  2. When you say "platform leopard print" CL's, which style are you referring to exactly? Can you post a photo of the shoe or list the exact style name? There are numerous leopard platform CL's that I can think of and they're sized quite differently, so I'd need more specifics/pictorial info to give advice here.
  3. I think you're referring to the Rolandos? If so, size up either 1/2 or a full size. At first I sized up a full size, but the shoe was too big so I went up only 1/2 size. However, I think a lot of ladies sized up one full size.
  4. Here is a photo: [​IMG]
  5. Ok, for those "Sabotage" leopard mules, I'd suggest sizing up 1 FULL size (I know a few people size 10's sized up 1.5 sizes to get the proper fit....but for most it's 1 full size).