Christian Louboutin Sizing

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  1. How do these shoes run? I wear a 6.5 american but wear a 37 in most designer heels and 36.5 in designer sandles.
  2. It depends on the Louboutin shoe. I am normally a 6 american. For example, the Yoyo Zeppas and Bruges (IMO) run slightly small, so in these I get a 36.5.

    Miss Marples run true to size... so I have these in a 36.

    The Helmuts run 1/2 to 1 size big... so in helmuts, I wear a 35.5.

    Are you wondering about a specific CL or just in general?
  3. i've found that the louboutin sandals you're looking at in your other thread run a half size small.....i'm usually a 7, but the 37 was a little tight on me, and the 38 was way too big which sucked because those particular shoes don't come in half sizes :sad2:
  4. I usually wear a 6.5 american and a 36.5 Louboutin shoe, but I have wide feet in the front. So I don't know if that helps you. 37's are definitely too big though.
  5. I want to get a pair of pigalle's in a 5" heel...should I get a 36.5 or 37?
  6. I would say 37.. I haven't tried the Pigalles on but the patent shoes tend run smaller on me! I have the Clichys and I took a 38 in them, while typically I take 37.5 in Louboutin.. hope this helps :amuse:
  7. How about the Platform Espadrilles. I am a size 8 and the seller is as well, the shoes are a size 9 and and she says they fit her perfectly. What do you guys think, 1 size up too big?

  8. Where can you get the Pigalle's? I'm dying for those shoes. :love: Did Louboutin release some more?

    I think you should get a 37. That's my size too.

  9. just FYI- if you buy LBs that are leather (not canvas or patent) get them in your normal size. they will feel a bit tight at first, but they stretch out and conform to your feet pretty quick.

    I think LBs are TTS for leather on me, but with all other materials they run a 1/2 size small...

    quick comparison btwn brands- all leather pumps with 3.5 - 4inch heels...

    39 in Louboutin
    39.5 in Manolo Blanik
    39.5 in Marc Jacobs
  10. CL 5-inch Pigalles run LARGE by about a full size....not kidding. If you have wide feet then maybe go down 1/2 a size, but for me I had to go down a full size. The NYC CL boutique on Horatio St. periodically has those in-stock (in different colors too); I think it's pretty much an in-house style (as opposed to a seasonal style that's not made after one season). They sell out super fast though. It's best to call and and check what they have right now. If they don't have your size, you can put your name on the waiting list and have the manager (Michael) call you when they get more stock.
  11. My lilac CL espadrilles run small! I am usually a 10 or 40, yes I know big feet, but in the Cl espadrilles im a 41. 40 was way too tight!
  12. does anyone know about the satin slingbacks... do they run small? im usually a 38, what do you recomend
  13. Assuming you cannot try them on, which you really should since Louboutin sizing is all over the place:

    Depending on WHICH pigalles you get, they will run different. I have half a dozen pairs of pigalles, and they run across 1.5 sizes. Give me specifics, including which pigalle, and which heel height, and I'll help you determine size.
  14. Incidentally, Mods, could we please establish a sticky-ed thread just for sizing questions? Qs about sizing come in about as frequently as authentication Qs and it would really be helpful if they all went into one thread.
  15. What about Prives?
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