Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide

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  1. Ladies,
    we desperately need such a thread. I thought I would start one based on some of my experiences ( I am a us size 7) as well as those recommendations made by many of you and SAs I have spoken to.

    Please add on if I have missed anything. Additional commentary on sizing would be great as well. One thing to note is that some fabrics make a difference in how much you need to size up for example patent leather tends to require sizing up vs regular leather, however many styles do stretch with wear. Also Louboutin tends to run narrow for wider feet more sizing up may be required.

    1/2 to 1 1/2 full size down:
    Helmut , Decoltissimo, Palace Zeppa, Helmoon, BZelmut

    1/2 Size down:
    Pigalle 120 mm, Gwenissima

    True to Size:
    Lady Noeud Sandals, Miss Cool, Pigalle 120 mm (wider foot) , Pigalle 100mm, Very Prive, Numero Prive, Simple, YoYo Slingback, Miss Marple, Piaf, Salopette 120

    1/2 size up:
    (Most Louboutins)
    Lady Gres, Pigalle 100 mm (wider foot) , Simple (wider foot) , Josephine, Moonbow, Vanitarita, Prive, Horatio, Youclou, Ernesta, Ernesta Plateau, Steva, Clichy,
    Maria, Mouche, Mouchalina, Wallis, Hi Tina Sandals, Activa, Merry-go-round, Sabotage, Horasling, Lady Strass, Matador, Gabine, Yoze Kubrik, Miminette Wedges, Marpoil Zeppa,
    Marpoil, Madeleine, Lady Gres, Super T, Bruges, Bling Bling, Som1, Eventa, Pratique corta, La Falaise, Castillana, Tenue Sandals, Pin up, Bunny, Serinette, Jaws, Resort,
    Salopina, Be a Girl, Para La Cruz, Fiorellino

    1/2 to 1 Size up:
    Maternik Orlato, Decollete, Mademoiselle Marchand, Dickensera, Drapanova, Voilier Zeppa Wedges, Espadrille Styles, Fiorellino,
    Glamissima, Parciparla, Materna, Alta Ariella, Alicette, Iowa , Iowa Zeppa, Rolande, Rolondo , Lastic, Lapono, Goya, Miss Fred, Metallica, Bruge Zeppa boots,
    Miss Boxe, Decolzep, Mad Mary, Pretty woman boots, Monica
  2. great thread!

    I found the mad mary, super wallis and rolando true to size.
  3. Sounds perfect to me!
    This should be made a sticky!
  4. I've heard and read that CLs in suede tend to stretch a bit so you should get true to size, and with patent leather at least 1 size up since they hardly stretch at all. :s
  5. :tup:
    Good job leda! I hope those with sizing questions find this thread.
  6. Thanks for the effort! This is a great guide and should be made a sticky. I am sure that it will help all the ladies that look for Louboutin sizing answers.
  7. thanks for this super helpful guide!
  8. This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Will make Christmas so much easier!
  9. Ladies if you have more sizing to add to this thread please do!
  10. La Donna Mary Janes: TTS. Do not go up or down
  11. :excl:A Sticky Of This Would Be Very Useful!:cutesy::excl:
  12. Rats!!! I think my new Louboutins winging their lovely way to me via NAP are not going to fit!!!


  13. I would like to get an idea how everyone else finds the fitting of their CLs. The more people can post with the types of material the more accurate it will be.

    For me:
    Decollette 868 (Black Jazz): 1 size up
    Miminette Wedges (Patent): 1 size up
    Decollette Zeppa (Leather): TTS or 1/2 size up
    Decollette Zeppa (Patent): TTS or 1/2 size up
    Pigalle 100mm (Leather): TTS
    Miss Boxe (Leather): 1/2 size up
    Bruges (Leather): 1/2 size up
    Prive Slingback (Cork): 1/2 size up
    Mademoiselle Marchand Yoyo slings (fishnet): 1/2 size up
    Iowa Mary Jane (Leather): 1/2 size up
  14. great idea javaboo!

    I am a US size 7 these are from shoes I have purchased and own or shoes I have tried on

    Pigalle 120 : TTS :yahoo:
    Pigalle 100 : TTS
    Iowa zeppa MJs : 1/2 size up
    Helmut : 1/2 size down
    Decollete 868 (patent): 1 size up
    Decollete (leather) : 1/2 size up
    Moustique: 1/2 size up
    Alta Ariella Knee high boots: 1 size up (narrow shaft)
    YoYos (patent) : 1 size up
    YoYo Zeppa: 1/2 size up
    Matador: 1/2 size up
    Miss Box: 1 size up
    Rolondes (suede) : 1/2 size up
    Lastic: No sizes (sorry that shoe just isnt meant for me)
    VP: TTS
    NP: TTS

    The most comfortable Louboutins for me are the YoYos. Helmuts and Pigalles (high arch)
  15. Im so glad they made this a sticky!!! Thanks!!!

    I am a US 8 - EU 39

    Decollete 868 (BLK Patent) - One Full Size UP
    Veee - TTS
    Flats (Not sure of the name) - TTS
    Activa - Full Size UP
    Very Prive - TTS
    Numero Prive (Slingbacks) - TTS
    Helmoon - Full Size DOWN
    Robocopina - TTS or Half Size UP (I should have went have size up for more toe room)
    Sabotage - Full Size UP
    Helmut - Full Size DOWN
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