Christian Louboutin Sizing - Decoltissimo Heels

  1. Hi Everyone

    I am new to this forum and i hope you guys can steer me in the right direction.

    I'm looking to buy my first pair of Louboutin and i'm in love with the style
    Decoltissimo, black kid leather

    I'm usually a size 6US, what size should i get???


  2. i wear 38.5 for manolo, 39 in jimmy choo and get 38.5 in decoltissimo (ie. my normal size) .. be sure to try before buying since the toe runs small.
  3. I wear a 37 Manolo and JC, and take a 36.5 in the Decoltissimo. My SA thought my feet must be weirdly shaped, but I size down 1/2 a size in CL generally.