Christian Louboutin shoes.

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  1. Why do they not have a website? Or do they?:wtf:
  2. No, they have no official site, it has been opening soon for the past 2 years ;)

    I like that they are not sold online and only available in certain outlets, as it does tend to keep them quite exclusive ;) but it would be nice to know about upcoming styles etc..... :smile:
  3. It is kinda nice they why there exclusive . I love to know where you can buy the pair camerae diaz is wearing in the celeb section. With the swarovski heel.
  4. oh cool thank you :nuts:
  5. ^ your welcome! I hope it helps
  6. it did I wouldn't mind I google it before lol , And nothing came up. :smile:
  7. you can order them through or Right now the website has quite a few on sale. Sometimes you have to look at what is on line and then call the boutique. But the great thing is if you call the boutique, they will ship them to you on approval. I have bought a few pairs from them and the transactions are seamless.