Christian Louboutin Shoes in Bangkok

  1. Hi all,

    does anyone know anything about CL's in Bangkok and how much they are or anything??

    Post away I leave on monday and woul liek all the info i can get!
  2. i don't think there's christian louboutin boutique in bangkok..
    i wish they had one though!!!
    hopefully they will open one soon.... :drool:
  3. I know that there is a store that sells limited Louboutins in Siam Paragon !! I saw the blue architeck on sale there last time.. !! ( But it was 3 weeks ago when I went to Bangkok)
  4. hello,
    I'm in Bangkok at the moment until the 29th and if anyone know where to find CL shoes that would be awesome!!
    I'm an LV lover but I'm considering to purchase my first pair of CL :smile:
    I live in Vancouver but it's super hard to find my size there... a 35 T_______T

    I know there was a store at Gaysorn that had them but the store is closing and they did this huge sale last week when I went.. Couldn't find ANY CL pairs :sad:
  5. I know this is an old thread but still want to know if there is some update info.

    I am in Bangkok for 3 days. Have been searching for CL store but seems I can't find any CL! Surprising me as Bangkok is a large city with many high end brands. But how come there is not even a small CL boutique????? Anyone has some update info? New boutique?
  6. Hi, there's a boutique at Gaysorn that carries designers like CL, Charlotte Olympia etc. I think its on level 2. The name is cloud 9. Not a big selection though. Hope this helps :smile:
  7. Thank you Meltdown_ice. I am in cloud 9 right now. They have some shoes on sale 50%, but not big selection.
    Photo of the stock:



    I am trying on this Alti 160 spikes. Need 1/2 size up but they don't have them in my size. :sad:


  8. What were the prices like when you were there? I'll be in Bangkok in a few weeks, but only for a couple days. Would love to do some shopping though! :graucho:
  9. Hi, I am in BKK now and wondering if anyone has found anymore and what prices were like?

    Went to MBK mall today and saw knockoffs of every brand imaginable - was afraid to buy anything in there besides some pashmina scarves in all colors to take home for gifts!
  10. Hi, I'm from Thailand. And I heard that Bangkok has a new department store called Central Embassy. It was locate in Chidlom (you can get there by taking the BTS Train). In that department store has one louboutin boutique and I think it's the biggest and only boutique in Thailand :/ I hope this information can help you.

    Ps. I apologize for my grammar because english is not my first language.:smile:
  11. Thanks for the intel! I'm sure it will be helpful to our members.