Christian Louboutin Shoes-Comfortable??

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  1. Ladies:
    I' m planning to buy my first Louboutins to Naturalgasgirl on eBay and i was wondering, I'm going to pay 750.00 dollars for this pair of shoes (if the crazyness get into my head:nuts: !!) do they are comfortable? You can imagine those 4 inches heels destroying my feets after an hour. I just don't want to regret it later. Oh my god, but they are so beautiful. Opinions please!!
  2. buy them now :smile: they're so hot!!
  3. I have a 4 or 5" CL without the platform and they seem comfortable but I haven't tried walking in them all day yet. I got a pair of Chanel (3 inches?) and went to work in them and they didn't hurt at all (first day too). Then again, I don't walk around much at work though...
  4. Get them!! I was so surprised to find how comfortable they are. I have a similar pair and can wear them for quite a while pain free. I wore them for the first time on a date where we went on an art walk in midtown. We walked from art gallery to gallery. We walked to the restaurrant where we had dinner. Then walked back to his place. All in my CLs. My feet felt fine.
  5. Louboutins are really comfortable. Don't forget to ask Robin (naturalgasgirl) for an insole measurement because they vary quite a bit between styles! Good luck!
  6. Go for it! I love mine and they are comfortable--for high heels, but they are high heels--they aren't going to be comfortable after an entire day, no matter what brand. ;)
  7. Thank you girls!! and thank you dancing queen for the suggestion.
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