Christian Louboutin shoe sizing?

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  1. Do Louboutin shoes run true to size,or are they small? I am 36.5 in Jimmy Choo.

    Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Very true to size in my experience to date. I have a fair few pairs of CLs and they are all exactly the same size and fit perfectly :smile: Hope that helps :smile:
  3. I wear us size 5.5. I wear 35.5 in CL flats, over 2 inches, I go down to size 35.
  4. it actually depends on the shoe style.

    in pumps i'm a 36 but for yoyo's i'm a 36.5 (they run a bit smaller)
  5. they are pretty true to size, as long as you have a narrow foot.
  6. Louboutins run true to size normally, but sometimes run small (if very pointy toes). I find Choos normally run 1/2 size small, but then I have narrow feet. But I have basically given up buying shoes on the internet - unless you can exchange them for another size, like on NAP. Its really too hard to tell - each style changes and you never know if they fit or not. Manolos are the worst, they change sizing a lot between styles. I have one pair of 36 Manolos that fit perfectly, still I had to sell a pair of 37.5 that run so small I couldn't squeeze my toes in, no matter how hard I tried. (Handbags are easier that way...)
  7. Thank you everyone...there is a (or there are a couple) of really irritating women on who always see to it that size 36.5 is sold out first in any given shoe:rant: :lol: .

    So I'm telling you...if I see a shoe on NAP I have no time to think,it's just click,lick, I should have done with the Louboutins:cry: .
  8. In my experience they run very small. I am a size 10 and had to get a euro size 42.
  9. they run TTS for the leather and suede heels for me. Patent leather needs to be a full size larger.

    Manolos run a half a size to a full size larger for me.
  10. depends on the shoe. I'm a 40 in most italian designer shoes and my louboutins are a 40.5
  11. Kinda interesting. I'm a 7 in GUCCI, 7.5 in Manolo and Prada and an 8 in Louboutin! Is it the more expensive the bigger my foot seems??!!! lol:roflmfao:
  12. Yes I agree CL runs pretty true to size. But the summer wedges/espadrilles might be an exception, I have to size up for those.
  13. At Saks I was told the French sizes run a size bigger than the Italy sizes. For example, if you are a size 8 in Italy you would be a 38 but in France you would be a 39. I am an 8.5 but in CL I got a 39 for my kitten heels but I think a 39.5 would have been better.
  14. Does anyone know if the sizing in leather Super Wallis Platforms and Yoyo Zeppa Peep Toe Platforms are about the same?
  15. CL sizing varies. I have sizes 36.5-37.5.

    Chaneller-I went to a 37.5 in my yoyo zeppa patent leather platforms. There's a little room in the back of my heel, but I added an insert to keep it from slipping off. I probably could have gone with a 37 as it stretched a bit. However, I'm not sure how the size compares to a super wallis.
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