Christian Louboutin Shoe Deals/Finds

  1. now that we have our own CL Section...lets make a shoe deal thread dedicated to Louboutin.
    Post only deals & upcoming sales or where to find certain hard to find styles.
    If you need help with size please go to the size thread. .
    Let the deals begin!...hehe

    Silver Ankle Boots - Size 39 - $9.99 BIN 399

    FIORELLINO - Brown - Size 36 - $249

    Rolando - Black Patent - Size 36.5 - BIN $499 can put in Best offer

    Numero Prive Eel Skin - Beige - Size 37 - $.99 - BIN $595

    Helmut - Light Pink - Size 35 - $249

    Numero Prive - Beige Canvas - Size 38.5 - $136

    Decollete - Tan Suede - Size 39.5 - $200

  2. lol Sorry...I didnt see it or else I would have posted away in there!
    Its funny how we both thought of it!:nuts:
    In that should be a sticky! :rolleyes:
  3. ^ agreed !
  4. Thanks, now I'll wait and see if there is something in my size that I need to have. I'll also add if/when I find something for you guys.
  5. Can you post promo codes in here also or is there another thread for that? Would be good if everything was in one place.

    Garibaldi Zeppa in all black! Sz. 38

    Soooo comfortable.....cut is like Bruges. Super super rare; even boutique SA's could not get it and are still not given the green light to order it for the US boutiques (after they debuted in 2005 and sold-out instantly). Next time they re-release it (IF they are allowed to, not anytime soon) it's probably going to retail for $1500-$1700.