Christian Louboutin selling selling used shoes?!

  1. Today my wife received two new pairs of Christian Louboutins - bought directly from the Christian Louboutin USA website. Lady Peep 150 Sling and Lady Lynch - both nude patent.

    Topside the shoes look great...but the sole of the Lady Peep looks like it has been worn, repainted, then sanded. In otherwords the sole looks terrible. Has anyone else experienced any problems like this buying direct?

    I called customer service and they seems mortified and wanted a picture. Here is what I sent them..any thoughts?
  2. Correction - Lady Lynch (on left) looks like it has been worn/repainted/sanded.
  3. I'm sorry this happened. I've never ordered from the CL website so I'm not much help but it sounds like they were just as upset as you are so hopefully they take care of it for you. Hope everything works out!
  4. Hmm... I think it looks fine. The soles will get worn out anyhow... It may also just be the lighting here, but if there are no other signs of wear (and you said the top is "great"), then they're unlikely to be used. When people have truly used them, the sole looks far worse.

    If you're truly displeased, just return them if
  5. well CL is very anal about the soles. so if someone returned them and there was a mark on them, then they would have repainted them.
  6. This would bother me. If I paid full price for a pair and got anything that looked used in any way, I'd return them. That's probably just me, though. Unfortunately, the nude Lady Peep is hard to find.
  7. Shoes are being returned as the sole just bad. Thanks for the input!
  8. Yes. This. The minute those shoes are worn on a hard surface, the sole will be destroyed anyway.
  9. I agree. It doesn't look as smooth (reflective) as soles of any pair I've purchased. Sometimes they do sand and repaint soles of returned shoes (at a fee to the returner), from what I've heard. Though they don't look perfectly smooth, if the upper looks "perfect", I'm not sure why it matters. The soles will scuff with the first step she takes on a hard surface.