Christian Louboutin Rolando sizing?

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  1. hi everyone i am actively seeking to purchase a pair of the rolandos, since it will most like not be in person i need help on the sizing. I usually wear a 37.5 (gucci, prada, jimmy choo) though all my CL's are 38. Would I wear a 38 or could do a 38.5 in the rolandos?
  2. I think because of the height, you might want to size up. I tried on a 41.5 and 42 and got the 42 in the black patent.
  3. I am a US 6 and I wear a 37 in all my rolandos.
  4. i've not gotten a pair of rolandos and was wondering if i should jump on the bandwagon! any thoughts of them? how do they feel? are they comfortable? should i choose them over decolletes or?
  5. They are not as comfortable as the prives but they are A LOT more comfortable than the decolletes. I LOVE rolandos. LOVE that style-the hidden platform, major toe cleavage, and the pointy toe (w/o making it look too "elf" looking)
  6. ^ really? i have very slim feet so i'm not sure if decolletes will be that uncomfy on me? the prives aren't very comfy imho, maybe cause mine are in the nude satin and black lace so the tip wasn't that comfy for my toes. maybe i should get a pair of rolandos instead of decolletes?? which are more TDF and sought after?? what do you think? :graucho:
  7. Ladydeluxe - I love the rolandos, I think they are so sexy, there is major toe cleavage which makes them so delicious. I think they are much more comfortable than the decollettes, I hate decollettes because I literally can only walk in them for an hour tops. I have an easier time walking in 120mm pigalles over decollettes.
    Rebeoliva - as you already know my tip, I think that the rolandos fit similarly to the decollettes, probably need a full size up from your normal size because of the small toe box. For comparison purposes, I normally wear a size 38 in other brands, in CL styles:
    Simple pump = 38.5
    Very Prive/Numero Prive = 38.5 or 39 depending on the fabric/leather
    Decollettes = 39
    Rolandos = 39
  8. ^ thanks!! i might change my mind after all, since many have said the decolletes aren't comfy, may i ask, why so? could you describe how they fit? i've never tried them and would probably be ordering over the phone from Saks, wouldn't want to return any cause it's just too cumbersome, how much does a pair of rolandos cost? ;)
  9. Some people actually find the decollettes comfy, but I think they are torture. Although they are extremely sexy shoes.
    The Rolandos retail for $610 in the leather/patent/suede versions. The only variation that I have seen is the leopard pony hair rolandos which I think were around $850.
  10. I agree with Kamilla and hsl. The Rolandos are definitely WAYYYYY more comfortable and manageable than the decolletes. In fact, I have sold off all of my decolletes mainly because of the long-term comfort level. I wore my black patent rolandes yesterday and they were really comfy and I was getting so many compliments. I have not worn my red patent Rolandos yet (still on their way to me all the way from San Fran), but I'm sure they will be just as comfy, especially for such a high heel. Good luck! :smile:
  11. Where did you find the red patent Rolandos? I would love to get my hands on a pair:heart:
  12. 4LV - I recently saw them at Saks and Barneys - but I know there were limited sizes available the last time I checked since this color seems to be very popular.
  13. Thanks.
  14. i want to order the rolando python and i am a us size 7. what size do you think i should order???
  15. It really depends on how you size in CLs. I'm one of the few who take Rolandos in my US size. Most either size up a half size or even a full-size.
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