Christian Louboutin red linen platform wedge

  1. What do you think about these wedges? I love them but not the price. $1,095 :blink: :cry:
  2. Wow - those are gorgeous, but I would never (ever!) spend that much on a pair of shoes. I'd be too afraid to wear them.
  3. eek! those are CH-CHING!!!

    I'd rather buy a b-bag first in Blue India :P
  4. I love them! but I don't love the height. Very girly though *nods
  5. Beautiful! :love:

    But the price is :sad:, wait until they're on sale...
    I wonder if they are OK to walk in, sometimes an ankle strap like that is very uncomfortable - feels like the shoes are trying to strangle your feet - but maybe these are comfy as they are wedges?
  6. wow, cute!!very girly, but...a bit too high...:oh:
  7. that is a very high price tag!!!! It looks very trendy to me. Will this style be out by the end of the summer?
  8. Ooo'la la very nice!
  9. I saw a pair in the Louboutin store in Paris, in person (don't know if it's the same ankle strap or just something similar) and I don't like it. It looks nice on picture but up close, it didn't appear as nice to me.

    Certainly not with that pricetag at least.
  10. its strange isn't it, that these should be priced so high when soem of his best shoes are only $600ish.

    I love them, but for the money, theres several other pairs of Louboutins I would buy before splurging on these!