Christian Louboutin Prices better in US or Canada?

  1. Hello everyone, I have a question for you about CL shoes. I did a search on this and did find any results so I hope that this thread is not repeating info that has already been discussed. I am planning a trip to Montreal and I wanted to know if the prices for CLs were better in the US or in Canada? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide me!
  2. Prices are better in the US right now.
    The Canadian dollar is almost at par now with the US dollar, but pricing in both countries has not reflected this.
    US prices are always way less - but when our dollar is only worth 70 cents the price difference gets sucked up in the exchange.
    Where are you from? There is a great shoe store in Montreal called Mona Moore. Its online too so you can check it out.
  3. Thanks for the excellent info, I really appreciate it! I am going to go check out Mona Moore right now.
  4. Does Mona Moore carry CL? I just went to their website and CL is not listed on their designer list...
  5. No I just realized they didn't.
    Holt Renfrew may be the only option for CL in Montreal. HR in Toronto just redid the shoe dept and it is beautiful. I would bet that they did the same in Montreal.
    Or, the people at Mona Moore would know where to get them. You could email or call and ask.
  6. Browns also carries CL but very few selection and some times none. The best bet is Holts. The prices for CL are definitely better in the US.
  7. Just about everything is cheaper in the US. We have the one department store Holt Renfrew, while the US has many. I buy most my designer shoes online from the US since there is so little selection here, at least in Vancouver.
  8. I'm surprised--the $ is such crap right now ... you'd think Canada would be better.
  9. all h/e brands are waaaaay cheaper in the states. in toronto, Davids carries a nice selection of CL.
  10. The exchange rate makes it even cheaper in the US for us Canadians to buy. The stores still charge 20-30% more than the US price, which makes it even more expensive, so if it is $400US, it will be $500 CDN.
  11. the CL price is at least $100 more plus add 14% taxes in Toronto..yuck!!
    I buy in the US,even after the duty it is still way cheaper
  12. the thing is, retailers go by the exchange rate of 7-8 years ago. now that the canadian dollar is so strong, canadians end up paying SO MUCH more for everything. it's a real pain.

    the taxes aren't that bad because you can always get some of it back (but not so much that it makes things cheaper).
  13. There is a store in Montreal that sells alot of CL. I can't remember exactly but they might even sell just's the tiniest little store that I walked past the first time then back tracked and realized that they sold CLs. hmmm lemme go and see if I can find the name