Christian Louboutin popular in Paris?

  1. I was talking to a French friend about a recent Louboutin shoe purchase. He responded that Louboutin is an American phenomenon, no one knows about Louboutin in Paris. I was quite shocked by this statement, especially since he was born and raised in Paris, currently lives in Paris and shops at designer stores more than anyone I know.

    Is this true? Does anyone know?

  2. They are not as popular but it always depends what crowd you run with.
    There are only two CL shops in France which are in Paris, I really don't know why he doesn't want to sell via the large and somewhat prestigious department stores like Printemps or Galeries Lafayette.
    I talked to the owner of one of the high end boutiques I use to buy from and he told me he approached CL for distribution but in France it seems that he doesn't want to sell anywhere else for now. I think this might change and I really don't understand the politic behind this.

    Funny since there are tuns of stores in the UK and in Italy that carry them.
    We will see what happens in the future....
  3. thanks for the info......interesting
  4. I visited Paris in October and was quite surprised to find the 2 Louboutin boutiques are VERY difficult to locate? One of them in particular is tucked away on a side street away from anything. Very puzzling and disappointing! I had planned to buy a pair (or three) in Paris but by the time I found one of the boutiques (in the pouring rain and after a long metro ride and with a bored, grumpy and impatient hubby LOL) I didn't bother.

    Buying them in department stores in the US is a much more pleasant and painless experience. And, I might add, cheaper!
  5. Hmmmm. I spend time regularly in Paris, and I do see Louboutin shoes. Granted, some of our very favorite styles here are not popular in Paris (pigalles, for example -- not big there) but there is a market there.

    Something else to take into consideration is that Parisians and europeans in general aren't as big "collectors" as americans. We're insatiable, whereas our parisian counterparts buy less (apts there are small afterall) but use their belongings much more frequently.
  6. manolos are still a bigger things in france
  7. Pretty true, also the prices are rather prohibitiv europeans do spend but not as much as americans and they are not as much into the highheel glamourlook now again it depends on your crowd but still it's more of a general thing.

    Prada/ Miu Miu, Tod's, but nothing too flashy at least in France Italy is totally diffrent.
    And when you go east...for those with money (not all but a certain crowd)it can't be flashy enough :rolleyes:
  8. :yes: ITA with the ladies above. when i was living in Paris, i had to hunt those 2 boutiques down! and i was wondering why they were located at places that nobody really knew how to go lol (i tried asking a french classmate and he was like.. hmmmm....) i hired a taxi just to find them lol and the taxi driver told me i was going to get some expensive shoes since one of the boutiques is located in the oldest shopping center in Paris 1eme (my french friend who lives in the 1eme told me). i managed to only get 2 pairs and they weren't that much of a price difference from the U.S. if i were to buy again, i would rather order from the U.S. - tons of choices yippee! i agree that it is more of an American phenomenon (and soon to be Asia hehe :graucho:), CLs aren't at all famous in Paris or France because they aren't evenly distributed in major department stores (like what catcat mentioned - printemps / lafayette where they stock up Chanel / Prada / Miu Miu / Zanotti shoes and the rest... i love shopping there b/c you can find almost everything under one roof! woohooo :yahoo:) therefore they don't get as much publicity like they do in other parts of the world (esp in U.S., UK and Asia). furthermore, when i was living there (in 2006), i barely noticed any red soles!! how disappointing! :s