Christian Louboutin pink platforms please please help

  1. omg i really really want these shoes, i am a size 5 or 6 and they only have 7 left, does anyone know where i can get these? please please please help, i am soo sad right now : ( i called the Saks reps, everything and still nothing... i hate it when they dont have my size.. and i didn't really see these when they first came out either..


    Christian Louboutin - Canvas Platform Espadrilles -
  2. NM and Barneys carries these not sure this color. Also you could try the CL store. There is a CL store in Los Angeles, not sure where else in the US . . .
  3. thanks everyone, i guess i'm just out of luck..
  4. yeah i saw those, i have my heart set on the pink ones though : ( but thanks, you know how when you know you can't find an item you want it even MORE
  5. yep, I know that feeling well. Will definitely keep our eyes open and if we see any in a little size, will be sure to let you know.

    so are you a 36 euro size in these?
  6. Keep checking the Bergdorf's NM and Saks web pages, as they keep getting more in. I bought my pair of these a month ago, on sale. Also try and Net-a-porter. Net-a-porter will inform you when a pair comes in, if you give them (customer service) your information. I am waiting on the very prive peep toe leopard print shoes...Good luck, they are great shoes!
  7. Oops, forgot, also try, she carries CL and is located in St. Helena CA.
  8. I have these exact same ones in hot pink. Hope you find a pair!!

    They are very comfy:

  9. I have those in white, love them.
  10. yeah i saw them on ebay, but they are selling for original price, actually even more plus shipping and everything, they were on sale at saks for $123!!! so i don't know if I want to just buy it full price..thanks so much everyone!