Christian Louboutin Pigalle In-stock

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  1. Christian Louboutin Boutique In Ny got Pigalle's in-stock, in two colors red glitter and lace. Both are gorgeous! They do charge-sends and they can send u pictures if ur intrested.
    phone number- (212) 255-1910 ask for Elizabeth she's a awesome:smile:
  2. Hiya do u know if they have any patent very prive blk??? =)
  3. i don't know but u can call her and ask
  4. Did you buy a pair? How do you like them?

  5. no i didn't buy a pair they are too high for me, i bought two other pairs both with lower heels. My friend had them and she loves them.
  6. that's the Horatio St. store isn't it? the SA who's supposed to call me when my black patent Pigalles come in is also called Elizabeth. i just called the store a couple of weeks ago and they said the black patent Pigalles aren't in stock yet :crybaby:
  7. Yup, Elizabeth is the assistant manager, she's really nice.aww that sucks that the patent ones aren't in yet, i hope they come in soon.
  8. I got mine in black lace and have been waiting for it since I first saw it in May! Elizabeth is super nice and she's the one who helped me out!
  9. WHen did u get them?? congrats on ur purchase. When u get the chance please post pics
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