Christian Louboutin online shop for europe?

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  1. Does it exist? Can anyone help me???:confused1:

    Thank you!!!:heart:
  2. NAP, Matches (you have to contact them by e-mail), Pam Jenkins (you have to call or e-mail), Browns (you have to call them too), mytheresa
  3. NAP is net-a-porter ;)
  4. :blush: woops! :noggin::p
  5. Really wish we had access to an official online CL boutique in Europe but this place is really good too:

    Just wish I had pounced on the black patent Clichys when they had them in before Christmas!
  6. no there´s no store like the louboutin online store for the states, however, you can still call in Paris and make phone orders!