Christian Louboutin newbie ! need some help !

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  1. Hello ladies
    Well as the title says im new to christian louboutin , and i would like to buy 2 pairs a nude and a black one , but have no idea on which style to get ! SO CONFUSED
    What would you advice me to start with and could you please ( if you own them ) give me some extra infos : comfort , sizing ...
    Thanks a lot !
  2. I guess it depends on what kind of heel height you walk in? Are you looking for something more casual or for going out?

    I think for a first ''high heel'', Bianca 140mm is a good one. Its comfortable (to me and Ive heard from other people) and the black or nude will go with so much. Dressed up or dressed down. Bianca 120mm is also good if you arent super comfortable walking in higher heels yet.

    Fifi 100mm might be a good first shoe too as well as Decollete 868 100mm, although I have neither of them so I can give the best opinion on them.

    And New Simple Pump 120mm is cute :smile:
  3. The Elisa 100 is a great first pair of Louboutins. I wear mine everywhere - work, shopping, dinner, etc. You`d have to size 1/2 up from your normal size. They literally go with everything. Other great choices are the Pigalle 100, Corneille, Fifi 100 or Decolette 868. They are classic styles and you'll have them forever.
    i think i will be purchasing the FiFi style , i will keep you guys posted :smile:
  5. Fifi is a very cute and versatile look. Either you can find them now or later, Pigalle is always a classic and a favorite of mine. Though there have been some style changes on the pigalle lately. If you're looking at the 100mm it's not a major difference, but as far as 120mm goes, I miss the old style and they are very difficult to find now. Best of you to you~
  6. I would say the so kates, or lady peep for sure! Those are the two styles that I get the most compliments on when I'm out and about. The SK are sexy and much more comfortable than the pigalles, can be great for day or night. However I can only wear a short time before my feet hurt. The lady peeps are awesome! Comfy and great height!