Christian Louboutin Mousse heel sizing help

  1. I ordered a black pair online...Im usually a size 38 and a bit wide at the toes..the problem is they only have the black in 38 or 39 not even a what should I do...will they be tight at the front and pinch if I get a 38 or will it be too big in 39?
    The style is a runched chiffon.
    Please help thank you.
  2. Chanel - I found that the mouche crepe chiffon VP styles were pretty TTS which is strange because most VP styles generally run small. I think it is because the chiffon is a very giving fabric. My approach when ordering online is just to order both sizes that I think will work for me and then return the ones that do not fit well. Good luck!
  3. Thanx for replying..VP and TTS? sorry I didnt understand...I live internationally so its a hassle to return and ship a 38 okay or a 39?
  4. Sorry for the abbreviations. VP is Very Prive, that is the style of the shoe that you are referring to. TTS is true to size.
  5. I say, go for the 38.
  6. damn thanks! I always thought this meant "too too small" :shame:
  7. Blackbird, you're TTF: "too too funny." :lol: It's hard to interpret abbreviations these days, makes me feel old.
  8. ^ Same here. I refuse to do abbreviations when I text message people because that's what "young punks" do. Where's my walker...