Christian Louboutin Miss Ticks

  1. Does anyone know what these were originally? When I called the NY boutique to order my boots, I asked if there was any chance of any Miss Ticks still left, and the SA told me they could be special ordered with a 20% upcharge and a 3-4 month wait. I may order a pair since I've been reading on the board how comfy they are. Also, do they fit pretty true to size or do they run small like most of the CL's? I normally wear a 7 in U.S. sizes. I've got a pair of CL sandals that are 7 1/2 and fit fine. And I've got the Lastic boots that I just bought in an 8, and couldn't wear them any smaller.
  2. omg i love the miss ticks too comfy to be true. I think they ran pretty big i got a pair from Barneys and the guy told me to go half a size up and they were huge so i had to shove an insole in them. I would go with ur jimmy choo size. When i ordered a pair of boots from CL in new york the assistant manager told me the miss ticks run big.
    if u want a pic of mine pm me ur email address and i'll email u with it
  3. btw mine were for 560 net a porter had them for 530
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess I'd want a 7/37. By the way, did they only come in patent leather, or were they available in regular leather too?
  5. they came in both. I ordered patent but the genious SA at Barneys sent me regular leather and since i live in canada it was to big of a hassle to return them so i just kept 'em