Christian Louboutin meneboots or Mini flap


Ok ladies i need your opinions. I am torn between these two. I thinking of getting a mini flap for Christmas. But i am so inlove with this boots since last year. I just can't justify to pay that much money for boots. But i was also thinking that since my Chanel collections been growing maybe i need to take a break and get something else like this boots. I also did get the mini flap before but ended up returning it and got a jumbo instead because it was too small. But now i want a mini flap again ughhh... I'm so complicated! What do you guys think? CL boots or mini flap? TIA! :smile:

Here's the pic. Of the Christian Louboutin Meneboots



May 1, 2011
I say neither.

The boots looks too trendy. For that much money, you should invest in boots that is more of a classic/timeless design, which will last you for a very years. Unless money is not an issue.

The mini you will probably return again.

My honest opinion.


Falling In Love...
Aug 29, 2010
New York City
I would not get either. I would invest in a more classic design as far as the boots go for the $$$. Don't get the mini because you already brought and returned for something bigger. I love the small bags and think they are so cute when I see other's with them but for me and what I need in a bag it just doesn't work.